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MeetAdvisors is the evolution of contemporary entrepreneurship. Our robust community of Advisors is committed to maximizing the potential of the Entrepreneur. Through strategic advice and targeted relationships MeetAdvisors exemplifies the risk taking artists of business who put everything on the line to make their passion a reality. MeetAdvisors understands that the Entrepreneur is the backbone to all business and as such the foundation of starting a business needs to be rock solid. At MeetAdvisors, we dedicate ourselves to the success of those idea hunters who work tirelessly to create the breakthroughs we all admire and rely on.


  • Adam Fridman - Founder
  • Vlad Moldavskiy - Director of Marketing and Brand Development
  • Rachel Anne - VP of Content Strategy
  • Michael Germanovsky - Contributing Writer
  • César Siancas - Chief Coder
  • Ana Marinescu - Chief Designer
  • Angela Parado-Lianza - Startup Story Scout
  • Andy Lozier - Advisory Board, Founder of odinmerchantpartners.com
  • Brandt Kucharski - Advisory Board, Controller of GrubHub
  • Dale Turken - Advisory Board, President of Providential Bancorp
  • Sean Lyons - Advisory Board, Founder and Principal of Triad Real Estate Partners
  • David Friedman - Advisor Board, President of SalesLogik


How do I get my question answered?

Pick your topic: legal, sales, technology, marketing, business development, social media etc. Then choose an advisor and request advice.

Are there hidden fees?


How do I register as an Entrepreneur?

Join or search advisors and request advice.

How do I register as an Advisor?

Join, and after a short review to make sure you are a fit for our audience, your profile will become searchable to Entrepreneurs.

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