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Join MEETADVISORS mission to unlock the unlimited within every entrepreneur.

Our Ambassador’s:

  • Become a leader in the startup community
  • Network with entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Find opportunities to invest, to consult or to get involved in a business
  • Grow their personal and business brands in community
  • Share the passion (it is contagious)
  • Get listed in About Us a sponsor of our efforts (add logo to your site and biz card)

Ambassador Contributing Writer

Contributing Writers identity & cover:

  • Awesome startups
  • Successful Entrepreneurs
  • Tips (from your industry)
  • News (relevant to MeetAdvisors community)


  • All posts to be relevant and applicable to the community
  • High quality content
  • Engaging
  • 2 submissions per month (min)

See detailed editorial guidelines.

Identify & Invite Advisors to offer advice to Entrepreneurs.

Requirements: 5+ Advisors per month.

Advisor Recruiter

Event Manager

Create local events for Advisors to come together with Entrepreneurs


  • 1 event every 3 month
  • 2-3 hours of training to understand MeetAdvisors events
  • Follow MeetAdvisors flow of the event

Conduct Video Interview's to www.MeetAdvisors.com/blog

Video Manager

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Our Purpose, Our Goal:

Our Purpose, Our Goal:

MeetAdvisors is the evolution of contemporary entrepreneurship. Our robust community of Advisors is committed to maximizing the potential of the Entrepreneur. A writer needs to have the role of MeetAdvisors in mind, we are not looking for musings that do not relate to our goal. Write on point, write to inform, write to educate, and remember, you are part of that evolution of entrepreneurship, so be fresh.


  • Content must be original
  • Content must not have been published elsewhere
  • AP format is preferred
    • Editions of AP Style book from 2012 is the earliest we accept
    • Headlines must be engaging (try to capture readers attention)
    • Entire piece or article must be 600 or more words
    • Content must be relevant to:
      • entrepreneurship
      • small businesses
      • start-up companies
    • Posts need to provide
    • Grammar needs to in AP Style
      • Please use ‘said’ as the lead adjective before a quote
        • What not to do:
          • The head of Sallie-Mae expressed “I disagree with the findings of the report.”
    • Posts may not be self-promotional
    • If you wish to include your company or business in the story or blog please make it explicitly related to the story goals
    • Please include images related to topic of article
      • All images need to be work appropriate and relevant to subject matter
    • Please include a two to three sentence biography or summary.
      • With this include a headshot with relevant links to your website or additional information on the subject matter of the post
    • Newsworthiness is necessary
    • Please provide sources
      • hyperlink in text
        • provide written attribution (i.e. “According to Department of Justice, John Doe said “The quote.”)
    • Classify your post:
      • News, Trends, Small Business, Social Media, Feature, etc…

Vlogs (Video Blogs)

Production Details

  • The video will be between three and five minutes
  • The shoot will happen at our offices
    • 116 W. Hubbard, 3rd Floor, Chicago, IL 60654


  • Please wear solid colors as much as possible - patterns, particularly busy/fine ones, do not show well on camera.
  • We are not at all stiff corporate folks in our office, wear whatever mode of dress you feel is comfortable or representative of your business/life/culture/brand - the only thing we avoid is profanities/vulgarities on t-shirts!

Questions you may be asked (Your response will seem better if you have thought it over)

  • Tell me about your business.
  • What milestones has your business accomplished thus far?
  • How many workers do you employ?
  • What is an average work-day like for you?
  • What are your revenues?
  • How do you plan to expand your business?
  • What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
  • What advice would you give to entrepreneurs who are just starting out?