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Gail Gardner
Small Business Internet / Social Media Marketing Consultant

Professional Information

Expertise: Internet, Marketing, Social media
Years Experience: 10 - 20 Years
Location: Texas
Company: GrowMap
Title: Small Business Internet / Social Media Marketing Consultant
Number of employees: 1

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About Me

What works for Fortune 500 companies is NOT what will work for your small business - the smaller you are the more true that is. You need to focus on what generates more customers and higher income. Your Web presence must be found to do you any good - and that is why my advice often differs from what you will read in traditional media or get from agencies used to working with large clients. If you want the straight truth based on years of experience, ask me what works. Before you spend any more time or money you need to know WHY. If you don't know the answer to why - don't do it!


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