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Professional Information

Expertise: Entrepreneur, Product, Business Strategy
Years Experience: 20+ Years
Location: California
Organizations: Thiel Advisors, Inc, WPO, YPO, Graham Partners, Frost Venture Partners
Title: CEO
Number of employees: 2

Contact Information

Website: fredthiel.com
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About Me

Fred Thiel is an independent operating partner/advisor to leading private equity and venture capital firms and their portfolio companies. He sits on public and private corporate boards and is an advisor to the boards and management teams of promising new companies. 

He provides private equity and venture capital firms and their portfolio companies, as well as public and private company boards of directors and their management teams with deep technology industry expertise, acquisition strategy development and execution, and strategic advice on generating growth and shareholder value.

Fred has over 25 years operating experience leading companies in the technology, data communications, Internet, M2M, automation, big data, digital media and software industries. He has repeatedly driven rapid growth and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in shareholder value. 

As a CEO, Fred led companies through rapid growth to IPO, repositioned companies for high value exits to strategic and financial acquirers, led M&A and roll-up strategies, as well as successfully executed corporate turn-arounds. 

For the past eight years Fred has worked with private equity and venture capital firms in the roles of managing partner of the firm and independent operating partner/advisor to build and execute investment theses, source and execute deals, build management teams and drive growth in both revenues and share holder value.

Fred's industry expertise spans internet media, software (enterprise, middleware, embedded, firmware), semiconductors (networking and storage controllers), systems (networking, storage, infrastructure, automation, security, medical device), M2M, Big Data, and systems integration.

Reason to become an Advisor to Entrepreneurs

I've spent my career creating and helping others create and grow great businesses. Along the way I have generated hundreds of million of dollars in share holder value for investors and founders -- and had a lot of fun too! Today I focus my efforts on working with investors, boards of directors, founders and management teams all over the world to help them grow their technology related businesses, understand trends and identify strategies to make them very successful.


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