Hello! My name is Adam Fridman and I am the founder of MeetAdvisors. More importantly, I am an Entrepreneur seeking advice from other experienced professionals, and I’m an Advisor looking to share what I have learned over my 15-year career. This is the spirit that created MeetAdvisors and what it now serves to do ... see more

Join us! MeetAdvisors, called the “Yelp for Entrepreneurs” by Forbes, brings advice through registered Advisors (sign up) or through Shows. Let’s discuss the Show’s concept:

Show Hosts: Are you an expert with a passion?

Guests: Bring great people to share light on your passion. Yep, it’s that simple.

Show Name: Express your passion! Let’s make your Show cool.

The Flow: Be you and have fun. You are doing this to share your passion with the world.



  • 10 minute video shoot, one take (obvious issues will be edited) ...

If your application is approved:

  • We will request a headshot, bio, and Show description
  • 2 episodes pilot

Our Ecosystem and what we ask in return (other than great content):

  • Current sponsor Mabbly would like a 3-5 minute intro with every guest to “demystify digital media” and to offer a free consult/digital audit ...

MeetAdvisors is open to new ideas and we want to see this creation grow by welcome passionate and experienced Entrepreneurs and Hosts!

Thank you for stopping by!