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Startup Consultant

Professional Information

Expertise: Entrepreneur, Marketing, Social media
Years Experience: 6 - 9 Years
Country: United States
Location: Texas
Organizations: Tech Hustlers, MVMT50
Schools: Texas State University
Favorite Books: Bible, The Lean Startup, Lean Entrepreneur, Running Lean, Lean Analytics, Startup Communities, Do More Faster, Startup Life, Your Best Life Now, The Art of Start, Become a Better You, SeinLanguage
Favorite Hobbies: Reading, working out, Learning, Watching UFC, Poker, Sports, Netflix Original Series, movies, Music
Title: Startup Consultant
Number of employees: 1

Contact Information

Website: techhustlers.com
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About Me

I hate these things, because they usually are filled with blah, blah, blah about self-promotion! Can we really summarize effectively who we are and what we have done anyway? All I want people to know is that I love people, love helping people, and am great and helping them succeed. That's my summary :) Specialties: Serial entrepreneurship, connecting, and helping people is what I do best!

Reason to become an Advisor to Entrepreneurs

Have you ever heard of a players coach? Well, I'm a players coach for startups! Several years ago I quit my career in education, scrapped my college degree in Sociology, & started from the bottom & now I'm here to share my stories of all my ups and downs. Since 2006, I've created a number of startups, had 1 acquired, & now I consult and am fortunate and blessed to interview awesome tech investors and entrepreneurs around the world each week.


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