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David White
International Sales Expert - Sales Coach - Salesforce CRM Consultant

Professional Information

Expertise: Business Development, Sales, Professional Development Coach
Years Experience: 10 - 20 Years
Location: Alabama
  • David Craig White International
Title: International Sales Expert - Sales Coach - Salesforce CRM Consultant
Number of employees: 1

Contact Information

Website: davidcraigwhite.com
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About Me

David Craig White is the Founder & Director of Sales Training at David Craig White International, a professional sales training and consultancy company.


Born (9 Sep 1980) in Manchester, England, David left high school with good grades but very little idea of what he wanted to do for a living. Luckily enough a few years later he discovered the profession called selling and never looked back.

During 15 years as a sales professional David has provided products and services to over 5000 happy clients in over 70 countries. Today he teaches average sales people and small business owners how to sell and make more money by using value based selling techniques via his comprehensive sales training program.

Reason to become an Advisor to Entrepreneurs

I have been working as a professional sales coach/consultant for start-ups over the past 7 years. Professional sales process advice is a big part of what is missing in many successful start-ups in order for them to be ready for growth. I would naturally like to expand my own profile whilst at the same time helping others prepare for future growth.


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