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Business Development

Professional Information

Expertise: Finance, Business Development, Marketing
Years Experience: 3 - 5 Years
Country: United States
Location: Illinois
Organizations: K-1 Financing, Inc.
Schools: Illinois Institute of Art
Title: Business Development
Number of employees: 4

Contact Information

Website: http://k1finance.com/
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About Me

I have worked in the marketing industry for over four years. My main focus has been marketing and business development. I also have experience in sales, advertising, and event planning.  

At K-1, I am the business plan and strategy developer.  I also direct our marketing and ad campaigns.  On top of that, my role also includes event planning, website maintenance, customer relations, networking, and sales.

K-1 Financing provides factoring programs to the freight industry and small businesses as a financing alternative to the traditional banking types. As you may know, a lot of small businesses are not perceived as bankable and get turned down for loans. That's where we come in. We provide businesses with the money they need to keep their cash flow alive until their customers pay them. Our customer guarantee: We provide great discounts with no hidden fees.

Reason to become an Advisor to Entrepreneurs

I would like to advise start up & small businesses on how they can keep their cash flow in tact without having to accumulate debt. Many entrepreneurs are unaware of what factoring is. Factoring is a financial transaction where by a business sells its accounts receivables to a third party at a discount. An unpaid invoice has value. K-1 will pay cash now for the right to receive the future payments on a client's invoices to their customers.


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