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Bart DePelsmaeker

Professional Information

Expertise: Business Development, Product, Business Strategy
Years Experience: 3 - 5 Years
Location: Alabama
  • Readz
Title: CEO
Number of employees: 14

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About Me

Bart De Pelsmaeker is the CEO of Readz, a new mobile and tablet content management system designed to revolutionize the world of tablet content publishing. Based in Los Angeles, Bart has been the CEO of Readz since its founding in 2011.

Prior to Readz, Bart was the creator of Egency, a marketplace that connected applied-artists, designers and printers with companies in need of creative, high-quality marketing and brand asset solutions. 

Earlier in his career, Bart spent time at AGFA Graphics, IBM and Sony, among others, working in different roles leveraging his expertise in design, software and business development. He also served as a college lecturer at Wuhan University in China.

Bart holds a degree in commercial engineering from Vrije Universiteit Brussel (a university located in Belgium). He also studied marketing and telecommunications later in his career. 

He enjoys cars, cardio sports, film and spending time with his family. He also enjoys traveling, specifically to China and Far East Asia.

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Always willing to help out if I can


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