• Strategy

Stagnancies are Identified & a Custom Improvement Plan is put into ACTION

• Branding

Heard of Apple? Big ideas are key, based on your Mission Statement & Vision

• Digital Marketing

SEO, Social Media, Press & Publications

• Business Development

Sales Mastery & Customer Retention Processes

• Leveraging of Network

Access to Hundreds of Nationwide Experts…& growing...

• Strategic Relationships

Invaluable Industry Business Contacts

• Board of Directors / Advisors

Establish who is needed on YOUR Team for lasting Success

• Raising Capital

Once Growth is forecasted, in-place Financial Partners come Aboard


  • Experienced entrepreneur/business owner
  • Operational business with $500k per year in revenues

Exceptions to the requirements may be made at our discretion, based on current market position & potential upside growth.

Adam Fridman

  • Investment Banking Background / Master of Science in Finance
  • Relationships with Forbes, Huffington Post, Tribune..
  • Founder of - Affordable Digital Marketing Agency
  • Ownership stake in a number of Local Start-ups
  • Relationships with Local Investors

Valuable Resources

• MeetAdvisors: 366+ Advisors, 1.5k Entrepreneurs, over 177 Startup Stories

• Premier Networking Events with 100-400 participants, 4k+ Twitter Followers

Nicholas Ugo

  • Commercial Real Estate & Small Business Transaction Background
  • Business Development/Sales Background
  • Strategic Business Relationship Specialist
  • Relationships with Local Bankers, Lenders & Investors
  • Professional Marketing Enthusiast!
**Additional Advisors are pulled based on the scope of the accelerator program

We accelerate into BOLD ACTION after creating a custom curriculum specific to your needs.
If your Business is in it's Break-Through phase, Please APPLY BELOW:

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The Process of our Accelerator

  • x-ray session
  • diagnosis
  • treatment
  • appointments
  • cure

Introduction & initial Idea of Current & Potential Positioning

Detailed & Custom Plan is rolled out after information is collected in X-Ray

Diagnosis Blueprint is Launched into ACTION

Tracked & Measured to Ensure Milestones are Reached

If desired, we exit your Business from the market, or leave you with Tools in all areas,


Monthly fee, based on specific needs determined, or a blend of fee & up-side equity.


Do we accept everyone?

No. CoFounder Accelerator is a mini marriage - we want to enjoy what we do & who we do it with. Processes are so much more enjoyable when people jive!

Are there guarantees?

Without question. We accomplish results..

Why are we unique?

The triple E’s (extensive entrepreneur experience) + Professional Network & Resources + Stand-out Media Outlets = All you're after & more...Undeniably.

What are you waiting for!?

  • Name (*)

  • E-mail (*)

  • Phone number

  • Comments/Questions