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Professional Information

Expertise: Business Development, Entrepreneur, Consultant
Years Experience: 6 - 9 Years
Country: Canada
Location: Ontario
Organizations: CrowdClan
Favorite Books: one up on wall street, the crowdfunding revolution, the crowdfunding bible
Favorite Hobbies: golf, hockey, family, self development, Reading, Learning, Football
Title: CEO
Number of employees: 8

Contact Information

Website: crowdclan.com
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About Me

Aaron Djekic Founder and CEO of CrowdClan, has developed a crowdfunding resource dedicated to helping entrepreneurs successfully raise capital for their start-up or business via crowdfunding. As a crowdfunding expert, his goal is to grow the crowdfunding industry while using it to help entrepreneurs reach their financial goals.

Reason to become an Advisor to Entrepreneurs

My goal is to play a big part in the growth of the crowdfunding industry while using crowdfunding to help entrepreneurs raise the capital needed to get their business off the ground.


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