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13. Peter Scott shares how he went from being miserable in corporate america to following his passion, facing fear, and taking massive action.

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As the founder of the Fearless Life Academy and the creator of the 90 Day Fearless Fitness Challenge, Peter Scott knows how powerful fear can be. Having lived a difficult life wrought with fear and apprehension, Peter eventually quit his job as a successful investment banker when he realized how miserable he was and he decided it was time to share his message with the world. His coaching business has found amazing success, giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to find incredible inspiration in daily life while getting fit and enjoying the process. He is the author of the upcoming The Fearless Mindset: The Entrepreneur's Guide To Get Fit In Less Time, Double Your Income and Become Unstoppable. Please give a warm Hacker Nation welcome to Peter Scott!

Passion Play:

Peter knows that passion is everything. You have to define why you want what you want, take the leap, and build your wings on the way down!

Fail Forward:

One of Peter's earliest group coaching efforts brought in three people instead of his goal of ten. He refused to let fear win, though, and he learned countless lessons from that instance alone!

Lightbulb Moment:

After his blog led to a passionate following, Peter knew he was on to something. After he launched his business and got his first client, he knew he had found his calling!

Success Hack:

Find someone who has already done what you want to do. Finding a perfect mentor worked wonders for Peter, and it can do amazing things for you too!

Randomness Round:

Peter exercises daily, he believes we're each responsible to fix what we're not satisfied with, and he takes massive action each and every day!