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01. Jill Salzman shares how her company got rated by Forbes as one of the Top 10 Websites for Women Entrepreneurs

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A former music manager whose change in career has inspired thousands, Jill Salzman operates The Founding Moms, an organization that gives moms the opportunity to meet up and discuss their business ventures. Originally based in her home office, Jill's sharp publicity skills caused her business to rapidly grow. Four years later, The Founding Moms now have branches in nine countries and boasts over 8,500 members.

Passion Play:

Jill didn't recognize how passionate she was until she was far into the project, at which point she realized how much she loved helping like-minded moms! #GoMoms!

Fail Forward:

Jill takes us way back to her FIRST failure as a music manager when one of her clients asked her to book a performance with The Black Crows and how this ended up costing Jill money out of her own pocket! But after every failure, she gets smarter and uses it as a lesson learned.

Lightbulb Moment:

As Jill entered a new zip code for a new meetup location, she realized that she could realistically enter any zip code. The rest is history!

Success Hack:

Reach out to the media and the media will start to reach out to you!

Randomness Round:

Jill reveals RANDOM and UNKNOWN facts about herself as well as the habits and advice that has greatly contributed to her success! Listen to hear more on unusual hidden talent!