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03. JD Gershbein shares the secret behind building a successful business using LinkedIn!

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He's the CEO of Owlish Communications, one of the top thought leaders on LinkedIn strategy, and he's called the LinkedIn Catalyst for a reason. JD Gershbein has earned global acclaim for his thorough and masterful knowledge of LinkedIn, and he dedicates himself to helping others build a strong personal brand through their profiles. His resume is a mile long, and his success story is a massive inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere!

Passion Play:

JD does what he does because he realizes that engaging through LinkedIn can be a daunting and challenging process, and helping others break through these barriers is his passion!

Fail Forward:

JD had to deal with a struggling economy that caused him to battle with his entrepreneurial identity, but that didn't stop him!

Lightbulb Moment:

About four months after hanging up his shingle as a LinkedIn consultant, JD received a call from a colleague, who asked how much he charged for his LinkedIn profile writing services. At that instant, JD realized that he had just found his career!

Success Hack:

JD wants you to know that whatever professional goals you may have, they can all be achieved on LinkedIn if you dedicate time whenever you can!

Randomness Round:

JD shares a few great tips, and gives a few answers we've never heard before on Success Hackers!