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06. Horatio Lun shares the importance of Perseverance in the Face of Adversity in the Tech Space.

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Horatio Lun is a tech wizard whose experience is downright incredible. He has worked for Google, where he worked with some of the largest companies in the world. Following Google, he went to Spreecast, where he leads the development of a new video communication service called Room, which provides easy and stress-free video calls and screen sharing within web browsers and mobile devices. Room is used by people in over 150 countries, and it owes its success to Horatio Lun!

Passion Play:

When Horatio was just a child, his family was the first in the neighborhood to get a computer, and he spent countless hours playing around with it, leading to a total passion for technology!

Fail Forward:

Initially, Google had rejected Horatio, at which point he decided that he had to keep his head down and work even harder. Sure enough, it paid off and he got the job!

Lightbulb Moment:

For Horatio, lightbulb moments come when he looks back and realizes how important his experiences have been and how impossible it would have been at the time to predict what he's currently doing!

Success Hack:

His success hack is beautifully simply: work hard, stay smart, and work harder some more.

Randomness Round:

Horatio tells us that staying passionate, getting up early, and working hard is key to attaining success!