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07. Hank Ostholthoff shares Why These (3) Phases are Critical for a Start-up.

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Hank Ostholhoff is the Chief Marketing Officer for Vapor4Life, a startup aimed at helping smokers move away from cigarettes. Early on, he became an experienced marketing and business development guru, though he learned how to develop products and technologies, which led to consulting work with Ian Miller. Ian used Hank's expertise to his advantage and launched Vapor4Life, at which point he was so impressed that he offered him a full-time position. To this day, he spends each and every day developing a brand that helps smokers kick cigarettes and move on to a healthier alternative!

Passion Play:

Hank's passion is finding creative solutions that work, and he allows his passion to flourish through brand building!

Fail Forward:

Hank points out that failures happen each and every day, and that they are the best tool for learning. Keeping this in mind has inspired him to drive his business forward everyday!

Lightbulb Moment:

Young and relatively inexperienced, Hank worked in India, where a competition amongst the MBA's demanded the best of everyone. After taking control of his group and leading them to victory, he realized that he could continue to win if he takes the time to think things through!

Success Hack:

Hank's success hack is simple: self-optimization. Brainpower is an entrepreneur's best tool, and figuring out the little things that maximize the quality of your work is key to success!

Randomness Round:

Working hard, being kind to people, and getting ahead of the line at clubs - Hank can do it all!