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08. Dave Kerpen has over 500,000 LinkedIn followers, and 40,000 followers on Twitter. He shares how to be more influential on social media.

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With over 500,000 followers on LinkedIn and 43,000 on Twitter, Dave Kerpen shares social media strategies

Dave Kerpen is the CEO of Likeable Local, an award-winning social media marketing firm whose incredible work has attracted clients like Verizon, Logitech, and Heineken. Likeable Local has repeatedly been named one of Inc's 500 fastest growing private companies in the U.S., and it's all thanks to Dave. He boasts more than 500,000 followers on LinkedIn, where he also writes twice a week for their thought leadership program. He has been featured on On The Money, BBC, ABC, and multiple other influential shows thanks to his dedication to providing the best social media marketing services in the nation!

Passion Play:

Dave is passionate about passion! He sees social media as a great equalizer, and he firmly believes that anyone can create their brand and change the world thanks to social media.

Fail Forward:

Likeable wasn't Dave's first venture in social media marketing! He learned that timing is crucial after his first attempt at offering this service failed, and learning this lesson paid off!

Lightbulb Moment:

After hitting his first million in company revenue, Dave realized that he had built a fully legitimate and entirely real business!

Success Hack:

Dave points out that on Twitter, the shortcut is to realize that there is no shortcut - just maintain your presence and engage with people over time!

Randomness Round:

Each and every morning, Dave writes three handwritten thank you cards, and he follows the best advice he ever received - hire slow, fire fast!