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10. Shark Tank winner, Dave Alwan, shares how he was able to secure a deal w/ billionaire Mark Cuban on Shark Tank

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After leaving the family business to start his own, Dave Alwan's journey proved to be a rollercoaster of entrepreneurial experiences. He founded Echo Valley Meats, which caught the eye of the producers at Shark Tank. After receiving no investment offers, he continued to focus on crafting a superb model for excellent customer service. Setting an unprecedented standard, he was invited back for the show's sixth season and earned the respect of Mark Cuban, who was too impressed to refrain from making an offer. Now, Dave continues to impress countless customers with his outstanding service and quality!. [Read more]

Passion Play:

Dave had a rough first year after leaving the family business - selling horses to make the mortgage payment is brutal. His passion for being highly motivated lifted him from this dark time and pushed him to the top!

Fail Forward:

Don't try to carry three watermelons with two hands - Dave learned this advice firsthand after resigning from his job and taking out a $200,000 loan to pay every cent he owed. However, learning this advice has driven him to put 100% into everything he does!

Lightbulb Moment:

After impressing a customer with excellent service and quality products, Dave was handed the customer's credit card. As it turns out, he was the CEO of a fortune 50 company who wanted to place a massive order, and Dave knew he was on to something!

Randomness Round:

Dave does pushups and situps every morning, he's got a burning passion to improve, and he's outstanding with numbers!