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18. Dan Parsons shares critical Entrepreneurial strategies on how his company DRYV, is "disrupting" the dry cleaning and laundry game.

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As the cofounder of DRYV, an app that allows users to schedule laundry pickup and drop-off from their phones, Dan Parsons knows what it takes to make people's lives easier through entrepreneurial values. He has established himself as one of Chicago's leading mobile and web development gurus, and his role as the cofounder of Ora Ventures has provided him with the opportunity to invest in leading startups that are changing the game. Dan has been featured in numerous publications, including the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, and Business Insider. Hacker Nation, please welcome Dan Parsons!

Passion Play:

Passion is fundamental and it's why companies become massive as years go by. Dan is always in a mindset that lets him solve problems, which has given him the opportunity to enact upon his passion!

Fail Forward:

After his first app idea, a music streaming solution, didn't work out thanks to economic issues, Dan saw what happened as a natural failure, and it led him to success with DRYV!

Lightbulb Moment:

When Dan launched the public beta for DRYV, he didn't expect it to be such a huge initial hit. He saw a ton of natural, organic growth, and that's when he knew he found his calling!

Success Hack:

Dan has two excellent hacks - test things to get a feel for how people will respond to them, and spend some time learning within an industry!

Randomness Round:

Dan works out daily, he's proud of his ambition, and he can skateboard!