In The Entrepreneurial Mind, author Jeffry Timmons defined entrepreneurship as "the ability to create and build something from practically nothing." An accurate and insightful definition, yes, but it makes entrepreneurs sound like the Harry Houdini of the business world—am I right? We’re not exactly magicians, but in a more literal and rudimentary interpretation, entrepreneurs are creatives.

In a recent post, we defined the term “professional entrepreneur.” Now that we understand what that term means, let’s dive deeper into an entrepreneur’s role as a creative and how that’s a key component to the career….





Much like Michelangelo molded raw clay into the famed David, entrepreneurs build an idea into a business. So really, it’s not that far off from what Timmons wrote. Professional creatives of all types have one fundamental characteristic in common; they start with a blank canvas—literal or figurative—and create something from there.

Consider the oft-used example of Facebook. What started from nothing in 2004 has captivated over a billion users (let’s be honest—it’s hard to imagine life before Facebook). Zuckerberg has continually displayed the creative attributes necessary for success, but entrepreneurs must also be energetic and ever-evolving. Whether Zuckerberg said this or not, his character from The Social Network likened his brain-child Facebook to fashion: it’s never finished. The ability to keep an idea fresh and to build upon it is just an extension of a creative, yet business savvy, mind—all things necessary for entrepreneurism.




Professional entrepreneurism is a somewhat new concept, but since the birth of the digital age, entrepreneurism has become accessible to all and a more common profession, especially among late Gen X and Millennials. We won’t all be the high-profile entrepreneur—you know, the college dropout turned Richard Branson nearly overnight. But for every one of those, there are hundreds and thousands of little-known, yet highly successful, entrepreneurs who will create their own version of the Sistine Chapel, Mona Lisa, Google or Facebook. Yep, that’s most of us reading this.

So no matter where you fall on the entrepreneurial spectrum, remember two of the core tenets for success in this field: creativity and evolution.

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