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Up and Coming Management Consulting Companies

Up and Coming Management Consulting Companies



While every business owner would like to think that they can develop their company on their own, they rarely grow without a little help. These companies provide management consulting services to help their clients reach their full potential. Whether you need help with staffing or restructuring, these companies are here to help.

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1. Strategy& 0


Strategy&, formerly Booz & Company, is an organizational consulting company that works to help businesses succeed. They pride themselves on working successfully with companies while also telling it like it is. They helped develop the concept of human capital, product life cycles, supply chain management and more.


2. Natural Selection Inc. 0

Natural Selection Inc.

Natural Selection Inc. is a software company providing intelligent problem-solving technology. Their product is built to help solve some of the world’s hardest problems including drug design, medical diagnosis and scheduling and screening products. Their product can be used on ordinary computers to help their clients solve problems.


3. Management Resources 0

Management Resources

Management Resources provides organization consulting and businesses services to companies in the leisure market. Founded in 1980, they have worked with theme parks, museums and more to create the best visitor attractions possible.


4. Management Insight Technologies 0

Management Insight Technologies

Management Insight Technologies provides research and management consulting for their clients. They provide data and analysis to help companies better understand their audience and demographics. They also provide project management services to ensure quality services for businesses.


5. Kohl & Company 0

Kohl & Company

Kohl & Company is part of Leading Edge Professional Services. Their goal is to be the one stop shop for business services. They help with finances, technology and management consulting to try and give clients the best services. Kohl & Company itself is a CPA accounting firm that helps with taxes and estate planning for clients.


6. International Business Technical Consultants 0

International Business Technical Consultants

International Business Technical Consultants provides developmental support and services for emerging markets around the world. Currently headquartered in Washington, DC, they have projects in banks and development centers across Africa, Asia, Europe, Near East and the Caribbean.


7. Integrated Data Technology 0

Integrated Data Technology

Integrated Data Technology helps companies integrate the best technology for their company. They provide the tools and technology that will best fit the needs of the company, while also providing support in implementing and maintaining that technology.


8. HR Profile Inc. 0

HR Profile Inc.

HR Profile Inc. provides human resource services to companies large and small. They help with employment screenings, drug testing, job applications and background checks. Their goal is to give clients the best picture of potential employees who will work for their company.


9. Global Productivity Solutions 0

Global Productivity Solutions

Global Productivity Solutions provides businesses with organizational solutions to optimize productivity and performance. They specialize in supply chain optimization and business turnaround. They help companies provide strategies to become more profitable and work better overall.


10. Electric Power Group 0

Electric Power Group

Electric Power Group provides consultation services to the power industry. They conduct research to determine what is needed in a certain area. They help plan and develop energy solutions to be the most efficient and cost-effective.


11. Discovery Learning 0

Discovery Learning

Discovery Learning provides leadership and organization training to several companies including Amazon and the Center for Creative Leadership. This company has conducted research on decision making and addressing complex problems to help create their products. They provide assessments and consultations to help companies succeed.


12. Center for New Futures 0

Center for New Futures

Center for New Futures provides organizational management consulting. They help companies organize themselves for the best possible results. Poor organization can be detrimental to a company’s success, so Center for New Futures helps to make sure that doesn’t happen.


13. Professional Services Network 0

Professional Services Network

Professional Services Network is a health care and nursing-staffing agency. Founded in 1990, they are a certified woman-owned business that helps to match top healthcare professionals with quality health care centers. They provide staffing and consulting services across the country.


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