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If you never took Macro Econ 101, getting started with investing and trading can be seem impossibly ambitious. Even if you have experience with stocks (thanks, Grandpa, for those birthday shares!), you know how crucial online resources are to making successful, informed investments. TradingView is an online network for investors of all levels to exchange ideas and maximize their profit.

TradingView.com is an online portal for traders and investors to look up soft quotes and talk about them in real time. Says one of the founders, Stan Bokov, “it’s what Yahoo Finance should be.” He prides TradingView on being a better charting tool than other finance websites that supplies years of data for investors to look at. Furthermore, the same place where you get your information is where you can discuss your future investment moves. Bokov explains that some investors already have a community that they discuss trading with, “but if you have no such people, you’re pretty lonely. So that’s what TradingView is. You can use [the site] to talk and share trading interests.” 




The investing industry can be a niche market, according to Bokov. In the past several years, he has watched a growing gap between very professional investors and people who want to know more about trading but can’t seem to break in. So he and his two co-founders decided to make a user-friendly solution to investing. “Bloomberg for the masses,” he declares. 

TradingView is a one-stop-shop for investors. Other sites may offer investing information, but often at a high cost. And when you want to start trading, you need to seek connections elsewhere. Not only does TradingView give the tools to learn about and track investments for free, it requires all its users to create profiles with their trading and investing track record. This gives the community a sense of credibility and helps investors make informed decisions about who to trade with. 


Sounds like pretty sweet deal. That’s because Bokov knows what users want. He has been in the industry of building tools for professional traders for 13 years. He and his co-founders didn’t have backgrounds in trading, but as Bokov says “it’s the kind of a thing you learn on the job.” They used their experience in business and technology to build trading software that would be accessible to everyone. “We are the car builders. And we let others drive.” Their idea was so impressive that they were selected to be part of the highly competitive and prestigious Techstars Chicago incubator program during its 2013 summer session. Bokov acknowledges that TradingView owes much of its success to the connections and support they got at this startup accelerator. With a strong network in place, and an idea that people had already rallied behind, TradingView has taken off. 

Next up for TradingView is taking their “finance-for-the-masses” approach one step further. “What YouTube did for video sharing…we want to do that for people looking for financial information online.” Going to one place to look up information, quotes, stocks, prices, talking to people – they see TradingView as becoming the go-to site for a streamlined, one-size-fits-all solution to finance. Soon, they will be adding simulated trading so users can practice investing with fake capital. Sure beats trying to learn about the stock market using Monopoly money!



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