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San Francisco the city by the bay has a lot more going for it than being a big tourist destination and the Golden Gate Bridge. Here are some local startups that Mabbly thinks are making their mark in business. 

1.  OmadaHealth

Created back in 2011 this company is a revolutionizing preventive medicine for chronic diseases, particularly diabetes. We’ve chosen them based on their innovative decision to integrate technology into their clients life altering journeys, in addition to forming individual online groups in the Omada community to support each other through the process.    

2.  Minbox

Back in 2012 MinBox was launched, this website allows a persons multiple emails from different accounts and social network updates to be delivered to a single location. Minbox has been chosen since they won the design award at the 2012 launch conference and is completely free with unlimited file size and data sharing.


3. NinjaBlocks

Established in 2012 these mini cloud connected computers open a whole new world of possibilities. By having each ninja device and one’s other smart devices synch-up to one another the Ninja app can alert you when your dishes or laundry are done. The user can even alert the system to when they’ll be home so Ninja can turn on the heat and lights right as they step in the house. They’ve been chosen since this technology will be able to make an entire household connected to you. 

4.  AgLocal

Created back in 2011 this website allows the consumer to buy locally raised meat from regional farmers. One of the founders, Naithan Jones, quit his six figure job to start this website. It’s that level of entrepreneur spirit we admire and want to emulate ourselves.

5.  Kiip 

Started in 2010 by 19 year old Brian Wong with the goal of changing the world of marketing with his app. Kipp rewards users for doing the things they love. For example, if you're playing a game or watching a TV show, after you’ve completed a level in the game or a show you’ll be given a reward by one of Kiip’s many partners. The reason we chose Kiip was due to their innovative technique of turning advertising into an interactive rewards system.     

6. Gumroad

Founded in 2011 Gumroad allows individuals to sell various content and items through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The reason we’ve chosen Gumroad is due to their acknowledgement of how integrated social media is in everyone’s lives and that selling items on them can be far simpler and sophisticated than a post. 

7.  Elepath 

This software company is already making a name for itself in the app industry with Exposure, Thinglist, and Keezy, which allow people to record sounds and play them back and incorporate music. The reason we picked them is due to the commitment of the seven individuals that originally launched this company and are striving to do bigger things in 2014.

8.  StartupStatus 

Established back in 2012 this website collects data from a multitude of sources. They then compile them on a dashboard and alert you which companies are trending and why. We’ve picked this company since there aren’t another other websites tracking the startup market as closely as they do, which means they’re filling a void on giving entrepreneurs a tool on how to make their businesses better.

9.  LevelMoney 

This company has developed a user friendly app that allows a person to make and keep track of their budget on their phone. They’ve made our list since they are aiming for a younger demographic to make sure they can easily keep track of their finances.

10. Imgur 

Launched back in 2009 this website was originally spawned from Reddit, but has become their own startup amassing a huge number of users or (Imgurians) sharing images with one another. Imgur has been chosen since they’ve taken such a simple concept and turned it into a great success. In addition they’ve recently acquired $40 million from Andreessen Horowitz and are looking to expand in the future.

Know any San Francisco startups we should have included? Submit a comment below and we will consider it for our next list!



Posted by Renata Sandor
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