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Community Blog / Think Your Plane Ticket Price Will Go Up? Think Again.

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CHICAGO, IL (2014) — Traveling soon? Recently launched Options Away can help – in a big way. The new travel site transforms the way we plan and book travel. Thanks to its proprietary technology, travelers can hold prospective flights for a small fee and eliminate the need for hasty commitments. Now there’s more time to decide whether you want to travel and your airfare is locked in once an option is purchased.

Started by a team of financial experts-turned-travel addicts, Rob and Heidi were tired of missing great travel opportunities because of ever changing flight fares. They used their knowledge in options pricing and applied it to air travel. “It was so frustrating to wake up in the morning and find that the price of the flight I wanted had suddenly increased,” says Heidi. What’s the most common reaction to the business concept that Rob hears? “Options onairfare? Fantastic concept…I could have used that just last week.”


Options Away from Al Boardman on Vimeo.

When faced with a dilemma about where or when to travel, consumers now have a choice. Not sure if you would prefer a beach or a mountain vacation? Not sure which days you can get off work? With such a low cost and no commitment to purchase the plane tickets, Options Away customers can hold several flights at once. Currently the company provides options on thousands of domestic flights and new routes will be added continuously. Canada and Mexico are coming soon and international flights will follow shortly after that.

Backed by multiple patents, users can utilize social media sites to share their plans with family and friends before they’re required to purchase their selected ticket. “It’s fun to post several destination options on a social site and let my friends weigh in on my decision,” adds Heidi. “Particularly when I know the price of my fare is guaranteed.”

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