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The Proponents of ECommerce

The Proponents of ECommerce



E-commerce, since its revolutionary takeover of business modus operandi, has continued to evolve over the years. From the last couple of years, a new subtype of e-commerce came into limelight - the Mobile Commerce. Mobile Commerce is the delivery of all the capabilities of e-commerce on mobile devices. With the advent of smartphones and fast Internet availability on the go, countless trade possibilities have come into existence.We compiled a list ten such companies that excel in providing both e-commerce and mobile commerce services to their customers.

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1. LiftMetrix 17


LiftMetrix instantly creates a customized social media marketing plan to drive your key business objectives. Social Media and Digital Marketers use LiftMetrix to evaluate each of their social media platforms, track their true ROI, and find opportunities to optimize their content strategy and buy ads smarter. With Liftmetrix you can - Increase your audience and engagement rate, drive sales and link clicks, buy ads directly against your most highly engaged followers, seamlessly report your results and continuously improve your campaigns.

2. InRhythm 2


InRhythm is a high-growth, New York based, technology consulting firm focused on high velocity software development through lean UX, software engineering and agile delivery services. They have helped over 100 teams to launch over 50 products for leading companies in financial services, education, consumer and media industries. The company's high energy, passionate team go above and beyond to help their clients such as American Express, Goldman Sachs, Equinox, Weight Watchers, Amplify and XO Group accelerate their product delivery.


3. Fever 1


Fever is the immediate answer to the question: "What are we doing tonight?” Fever delivers a curated list of the most exciting events going on in your city, tailored personally for you. Backed by a team of rockstar investors and advisors, the app (for both iOS and Android) gives you the ability to RSVP and purchase same-day tickets to events or in advance.

4. ToutApp 0


ToutApp is the leading provider of sales acceleration solutions that helps sales teams streamline communications to close more deals. Tout's robust tracking, templates and analytics help sales teams increase overall engagement throughout the sales process. Founded in 2011, ToutApp has more than 80,000 salespeople using its platform, with enterprise customers including Atlassian, Jive, Zenefits, Namely, Dropbox and more. ToutApp also builds software to empower sales teams. Only 24% of a salesperson's day is spent on actual selling. With ToutApp's Tracking, Templates and Analytics, sales teams can streamline their sales process and close deals faster.

5. bMobilized 0


bMobilized is the pioneer in technologies that dramatically reduce the cost, time, and skill required to create and maintain state-of-the-art mobile websites. The company’s patented technology instantly creates mobile websites from desktop websites, and automatically inserts mobile-specific features like maps and click-to-call capabilities. bMobilized works with service providers and agencies throughout the world enabling their business clients of all sizes to take full advantage of the opportunity to engage customers on their mobile devices. Led by a team that has co-founded 12 companies with exits totaling over $6 billion, bMobilized has emerged as a global leader in mobilizing businesses.

6. BillGuard 0


BillGuard was founded in 2010 and is based in New York.  It is a personal finance security company harnessing the collective knowledge of millions of consumers to protect everyone from unwanted and unauthorized charges on our credit card bills. BillGuard scans your card activity daily and alerts you to hidden charges, billing errors, misleading subscriptions and scams found by others. 

7. AHAlife 0


AHAlife represents an enlightened way of living life to the fullest. Their mission is to connect the best the world has to offer with discerning individuals from around the world through the authentic, curated marketplace focused on quality and innovation. Founded in September 2010, AHAlife received wide media acclaim hailing its full-price, full-value business model and being ahead of the major industry trend merging content, curation and commerce. Based in New York City, has raised more than $20 million in funding from Rakuten, DCM, FirstMark Capital and angel investors, including former French Minister of Commerce, Renaud Dutreil; philanthropist and filmmaker, Abigail Disney; and Pulitzer Prize winner Sheryl WuDunn. 

8. Hipmunk 0


Hipmunk was founded in 2010 and based in San Francisco, CA. Hipmunk offers its customers the fastest, easiest way to plan travel. The site and mobile apps save you time by comparing top travel sites so you don't have to. The unique display makes it easy to visually compare results and choose what's best for you. Hipmunk offers the most comprehensive travel search, bringing in travel options ranging from commercial flights to trains to charter flights and accommodations ranging from large hotels to home and apartments rentals through Airbnb and Homeaway.


9. 500 Friends 0

500 Friends

500 friends is the trusted provider of next generation loyalty marketing solutions to over 40 of the IR 1,000 brands. 500friends enables retailers to acquire and retain high value customers. The company’s team includes e-commerce experts from Accertify, Adobe,, Digitas, eBillme, Richrelevance, Marketo, Paypal, Popularmedia, StrongMail, and Webloyalty. 500friends is headquartered in San Francisco, CA backed by leading institutional investors including Crosslink Capital, Intel Capital, and YCombinator.

10. FreshPlanet 0


FreshPlanet is a social, casual gaming company developing online games for the iPad and Facebook. FreshPlanet, creator of SongPop, has quickly become a leading social and mobile game developer in New York City. The company is developing and publishing apps and games around Pop Culture. Recently SongPop attracted over 90 million players around the world. The company is venture-backed and led by a team of internet and game veterans, including serial entrepreneurs and brothers Mathieu and Romain Nouzareth.

Know any other companies we should have included? Let us know in the comments below and we'll consider it for our next list!

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