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The Louisville startup scene continues to flourish and we couldn't be happier. Mabbly lists 5 thriving startups that will make it big this year:

1.) Codigo

Codigo provides cutting-edge solutions for retail marketing. With a goal to move forward with innovative, easy-to-use products and services, Codigo helps companies make a positive impact on the retail behavior of consumers in their stores. We chose Codigo because it is one of the fastest-growing companies in the region over the last five years!

2.) Appriss

Appriss is a provider of ingenious technology solutions that strive to keep communities informed about safety. Appriss offers criminal justice, government, and community focused solutions. Appriss is on the list because within the past few years it has grown tremendously and has even expanded its mission, now offering new groundbreaking services for governments.

3.) Wicked Sheets

Wicked Sheets' silky, breathable fabric was developed for the comfort and convenience of people who suffer from night sweats. It was specifically fashioned to create a cool and dry place to sleep. We chose Wicked Sheets because it has a great online presence with the potential of exanding greatly.

4.) Red e App

Red e App is an enterprise messaging startup that offers a way to privately send sensitive information and score employee engagement by providing the metadata around the messaging. We chose Red e App because of its impeccable safety and push notification features, making it the best choice for private messaging among non-desk workers. 

5.) The Paper

The Paper is a publication committed to celebrating all of the wonderful events in Louiseville.  We chose The Paper because it isn't your typical newspaper - instead it focuses on making locals feel good about their city, and The Paper does this with a youthful heart and an intelligent voice that its audience loves.


Know any rising startup we should have included? Submit a comment below and we will consider it in our next list!


Posted by Adam Fridman
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