On this planet, far far away, a race creates a super computer and puts the ultimate task to the test - "We would like an answer to ... everything!".  After only 7.5 million years, super computer comes up with the answer - 42.  

42? Huh? Ah, so now you would like to know the question! That's an entirely different task and one that will require a super duper computer.
Doesn't the quality of our questions define the quality of our lives?  Then it would stand to reason that the quality of the questions we ask will define the path of our startup and quite likely impact the chance of success.
Let tackle the framework around "the search for the right question":
1. Allocate Time: that's right, yet another to-do!  But this one may be fun; there are no limitations or restrictions on the search for questions.
2. Be Proactive: we wait until it hits us, until the task is right in front of us.  Let's get ahead of it.
3. Go Limitless: "How do I raise money after our current runway?" vs. "How do I build a relationship with a strategic partner to let me focus on my creation".  Remember, at this stage, we are simply looking for "the right questions".
4. Question-Need-Question: here is a trick I recently learned (a little late, I know!), its okay to say "I need help in this topic/expertise, but I'm not sure what to ask." Legal, accounting, technical and other professional services offer a great deal of complexity and we simply don't know what we don't know.
I launched MeetAdvisors to help Entrepreneurs minimize start-up mistakes. In our community, not knowing the question is perfectly fine, Advisors are ready to help without waiting for 7.5 million years to tell you the answer is 42!

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