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The Fabulous Killjoys of Entrepreneurship

So, after a period of time working for "the man", or maybe you already knew from a young age that you wanted to work for yourself, you are running your own business.

You're living the dream.

It's everything you thought it would be and more.


You lose track to time working on building your dream.

The one that you've have for some time. The thing that exists which defines your existence for your career.

You've networked, mingled, asked for advice and when called to, begged to make sure your dream remains intact.

You've stayed up many nights wondering how next week's payroll was going to get paid. Or if your product was being presented the right way by your team of sales people. Did you remember that one detail you knew would make a difference in that email you sent to that prospect yesterday?

Was that new guy worth the extra salary needed to land him? When does the lease run out? If you only grow ten percent this year, how many more employees can you bring on?

Did you hear about what your competition is doing? That was some great presentation you just saw. Why aren't your presentations that compelling? Why did the lights just flicker? Is our back up generator in place? Where is the IT guy?


One of your favorite employees just put in their two weeks notice. You need to upgrade the software to the latest version in order to be compliant. Quarterly taxes are due. Did you remember to ask the janitor about clearing out that space in the garage for more parking?

Why is your best sales person going on vacation now? That one employee always seems to be surfing the web anytime you walk by. You are still waiting to hear back from the lawyers about that one issue. Unemployment benefits just went up again. The bank wants to know when you will make the lease payment. Did you pack your lunch today?

If you read all the way through to this point, then you're probably well versed in knowing what it takes to make it, congratulations on your persistence. Bored? Then that should tell you all you need to know if you are considering making it on your own.

It's not just selling a product or providing a service, but there are so many other items that need your attention when running your own company.

Before you know it, you will be one of the kids from yesterday, recalling the good 'ol days of when you did everything yourself.

Don't focus on the issues, they will always be there in some capacity. Instead, focus on the solution, you'll be amazed how effective that will make you.

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