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SparkReel serves as a game-changer for video sharing

I know I always start off articles by saying that I have a love/hate relationship with something, but let me stress that there is no bigger love/hate relationship in my life than than the one I have with YouTube.

Obviously the service itself is amazing—where else can I watch a montage video of babies eating lemons? However, other things about it are lackluster: the ads, the ridiculous comment threads and the entire uploading process. I never take videos because of the hassle it is to upload them from my phone onto YouTube just to share them with my friends.

However, help has arrived and SparkReel is revolutionizing that process. I spoke to the Co-Founder Matt Gibbs and he gave me the rundown on why his company will change the mobile video media space forever.

What is SparkReel and how did it start?

SparkReel is a video crowdsourcing engine for brands, publishers and events. SparkReel's platform simplifies the process of video sharing and seamlessly builds community video hubs into a Facebook page, website/blog, or mobile application.

My Co-Founder Adam and I initially sought out to create an easy-to-use video sharing platform that niche audiences could use to interact, whether it be families, pilots, Cubs fans or sororities.

As we built the technology we realized that it has capabilities beyond just a consumer platform, and we began to get brands involved for crowdsourced video sharing.



How does it work?

It’s incredibly easy, which is why we started it in the first place: to make the process simple.SparkReel has a menu of video uploading options to accommodate your level of tech savvy and where your video lives. Our most popular method is our one-step, app-free mobile uploading process. The way it works is you capture a video on your phone and email it to the brand's custom email address straight from your phone.

For example, if you were submitting a video to Verizon's Iron Man 3 contest, all you'd have to do is record it and email straight from your phone to "verizone (at) sparkreel (dot) com." That video would be sent directly to the Verizone Iron Man 3 fan video community that is built into their Facebook page. Once the video is up people can reply with their own comments or videos and a conversation can begin.



How have you expanded to brands?

We team up with brands, publishers and events to help create contests or build out comprehensive fan video communities into their website. As I mentioned earlier, we recently worked with Verizon to design an “Ultimate Super Human Moves" video contest where applicants submitted videos to Verizon’s Facebook page through SparkReel.

We are confident that SparkReel is the solution for brands to maximize participation in any fan video effort, resulting in much higher engagement and driving business value.

What’s next for SparkReel?

We are growing and building our business. We've already partnered with a number of great brands, such as Men's Fitness Magazine, Keystone Mountain Ski Resort, Music and Fitness Magazine, Microsoft BizSpark, Wayin and Verizon. We are focused on continuing to grow in the verticals that matter so we can become THE solution for audience-driven video sharing. 



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