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Smartphone apps to keep entrepreneurs healthy in the autumn and winter

Getting sick is no good, but at least you have paid sick days to attend to your health and relax without working about work. Oh wait, you’re an entrepreneur - there are no sick days. It is important for everyone, no matter their career or job, to take care of their health, but it is crucial for small business owners. You cannot miss a day of work or afford to not operate at 100 percent efficiency when you’re there. 

Taking a little time when you’re healthy to strengthen your immune system and promote daily good health, like exercising, respiratory training, and eating balanced and nutritious meals, can make a world of a difference in the long-run. Luckily, there are also special apps in our digital age to help entrepreneurs stay healthy through a dreary winter.


Social media has made it incredibly easy to track anything and anyone, including illness. Sickweather is a new app that scans social media network for indicators of illness and aggregates the information, and presents the information in real-time. The app sends alerts and lets you track illness across a map, and you can also report your own symptoms to contribute. It’s like receiving storm alerts, but for colds and the flu.

Breathing Zone

Breathing Zone is a doctor recommended app that lets you reduce stress and anxiety with just five minutes of breathing exercises. The app has been featured on major publication sites, including the Harvard Medical School’s newsletter, Time.com, and The Huffington Post. It claims to be a clinically proven therapeutic exercise app that has been recommended by more than 40 doctors on HealthTap.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

This app is more than an alarm clock - it also tracks and analyzes your sleep cycle to wake you up at the lightest sleep phase, which mimics your natural way of waking up. The app monitors your movement while you’re asleep by using the accelerometer in your iPhone and finds the optimal time to wake you up within a 30 minute window of your set alarm, whenever it is best for you to wake up. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock lets you monitor the quality of your sleep while helping you be optimally awake and alert through the day.


The on-the-go lifestyle of the entrepreneur may be good for business, but it takes a toll on your health immediately. Often, the first thing to go is a balanced meal that provides your body with the fuel and nutrients that it needs to power through. MyFitnessPal lets you track your eating habits down to the detailed calorie. It helps you set the healthy parameters for your age, weight, and height, and then outlines the appropriate amount of fat, protein, sugar, and more that you need per day. Every time you log a meal, it calculates the caloric breakdown and does the caloric math for you. 

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