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Sizzling Startups from the Sunshine State

Did you know that Florida has the largest coastline in the contiguous United States, which adds up to approximately 1,350 miles?  Florida, otherwise known as the Sunshine State, is full of blossoming startups.  Here’s 12 we’ll be keeping our eye on!

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1. College Girl Cleaning Service 504

College Girl Cleaning Service is a janitorial, residential, housekeeping, and maid service that provides you with the best cleaning available while helping local students and the community.  College Girl Cleaning Service offers free house cleaning estimates, which are done in person or over the phone, and their maids are fully bonded and insured.  There are no cleaning contracts, so you can cancel any time.  Besides having a squeaky clean house, you can feel good about the fact that some of their profits will be going back to the community in order to help students attend college. 

2. Snapscore 498

Snapscore is a professional assessment and development platform that measures how much professional merit companies and individuals have.  The scores are determined on their past accomplishments and analyzed using econometric data.  Snapscore then allows individuals to map out and accelerate their careers based on their score.  Users can see how they compare to others and even connect with the Snap Community to share their unique skills.  Through social interaction and gamification, Snapscore makes career development a more enjoyable and rewarding process.

3. CareCloud 191

CareCloud believes that healthcare tools should be modern, well designed, and easy to use both on and offline.  CareCloud’s mission it to re-platform the healthcare industry with modern, cloud-based solutions in order to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of their practices.  By connecting patients and doctors, this platform supports flexibility to adopt the exact tools that providers and staff need, rather than what others just want to sell.

4. Chicks in Your Shirt 42

Chicks in Your Shirt (CiYS) is a unique event-staffing agency that specializes in promotional staffing in order to support your company through public-facing affair throughout all of Florida.  Attractive models engage crowds on-site at trade shows, product launches, and sporting events in a passionate, yet professional way that sets them apart.  Staff is trained to meet individual client needs, including models knowing everything from tech specs to event objectives in order to best promote your brand.

5. Clutch 33

Clutch is bridging the gap between reading and actually learning in order for students to achieve mastery of concepts, rather than struggling with comprehension.  Their mission was to build and record the most helpful, straightforward, supplemental undergraduate curriculum they could think of.  They now offer hundreds of hours of recorded content and their 8,000 + students have responded with enthusiasm and higher grades.    

6. Orlando Bike Share 2

Orlando Bike Share gives you the opportunity to take a new form of transportation around the city!  First, reserve a bike using their mobile app or at the bike by using its keypad.  Once you reserve a bike, just enter the 4-digit PIN code on the keypad to unlock the bike.  Enjoy your ride and your time, but if you want to stop to do something, simply press the ‘HOLD’ button and lock the bike to a rack.  To continue your journey, just enter your 4-digit PIN to unlock and continue riding.  At the end of your trip, simply lock the bike back up to any of their convenient hub locations or, if you don’t see one around, you can lock it up on any rack for a small fee.

7. PlanetHS 1

PlanetHS connects high school communities online in order to power school fundraising in an innovative way.  This online community is a safe place to organize sports and class activities, while giving parents the opportunity to keep up to date as well.  

8. Cloudware Inc 1

Cloudware Inc’s two main product lines support innovative and exclusive multi-lingual interface, while giving people more control over their business management.  Cloudware programming gives businesses a higher degree of security, the ability to interact with professional advisers, the opportunity to conduct business in any language or currency, and the ability to decrease the risk of their business being interrupted by events beyond the business’ control.   

9. ConsultCaddy 0

ConsultCaddy is an online business-consulting platform that makes consulting accessible and affordable for small business owners and entrepreneurs.  On the other hand, it gives expert professionals the opportunity to earn money by giving advice in their specific field.  If this is interesting to you, there is a specific certification for you to get and then you will become an official Caddie (consultant) and can set a fixed price point to charge for your services.  This platform supports video or voice chat and NDA service, so you can be sure to get the most out of your appointment.  The ConsultCaddy platform allows you to schedule, get transcripts, rate and review your Caddy, and get matched with a client that’s best for you.

10. Can You Be Famous 0

Can You Be Famous is a platform dedicated to providing a space for you to upload your pictures, songs, and videos of your undiscovered talent.  The site is free to join and the staff has assembled a talented team of directors, managers, talent agents, producers, and reps who are looking for new talent across the globe.  Can You Be Famous is the fist social networking site of its kind and they are soon casting their own reality TV show.

11. Nearpod 0

Nearpod is bringing the classroom to life with interactive mobile presentations that give teachers the opportunity to create and customize their lesson plans.  Teachers can create or download interactive presentations, share them with their students, have their students interact and submit responses, and monitor/measure student results on an individual and classroom basis.

12. PomZoo 0

Asset liquidation can be a daunting task, but PomZoo is here to help!  PomZoo’s specialists are trained to effectively and efficiently remove unwanted or broken electronics from your inventory, and you are then paid for those assets.  The importance of security is a big one, so PomZoo offers onside hard drive destruction by using data security shredders to ensure your data remains protected.  Use PomZoo to save time and money while liquidating your assets.

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