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School2Life helps lost college grads find the road to success

I graduated last May and I have to say, the job hunt was pretty bleak for a long time. I applied pretty much everywhere and only got a few calls, most of which were from bars. It was hard not to fall into a cycle of depression and self-loathing (which I did), and it was even harder to stay motivated (which I barely did). It was a very frustrating experience and I often found myself wishing for some sort of middle step between “school” and “life.”

Well lo and behold; now that I finally do have a job, I learned that such a service exists. (I’m always behind on such things.) School2Life is exactly what it sounds like: a learning program that teaches young adults how to be more marketable in the job force.



Advertising and marketing professional Susan Newman started the company in 2009 after she taught a “Marketing Yourself” class at Columbia College in Chicago and realized how personal the process was for students.

“After helping hundreds of students learn the basics to launching their careers, I saw that what was missing from this generation of successful, independent adults was the ‘independent’ part,” said Newman.

School2Life’s curriculum is separated into three parts: career management, life management and WUHU, a quiz tailored to answering the question, “Would U Hire U?”



“Through WUHU we have created a simple tool to help interview with relevance, sophistication and confidence,” Newman said. “It’s the trifecta of interview success!”

School2Life students take workshops on resume and cover letter writing, interview tactics and other strategic tactics to help them utilize “social currency” such as networking events. Newman also helps with the transition by screening and interviewing promising students for private clients she does consulting for.

“78 percent of jobs are through personal referrals, which is why we stress social currency so much,” she said.

School2Life has no plans to scale, but Newman’s services aren’t strictly confined to the Chicagoland area; she has clients around the country and makes guest appearances wherever invited promising to “never turn anybody away."

As for what’s next for School2Life? They’re working on the digital strategy behind WUHU and are looking to hire people to help teach more classes nationwide.


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