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Mentoring network gives cancer fighters a guardian angel

Once in a while there comes along a brilliant idea that you can’t believe hasn’t been done yet. Even less often, there comes along a brilliant idea for a nonprofit that you can’t believe hasn’t been done yet.

Imerman Angels is a peer-to-peer mentoring network for those affected by cancer. The free non-profit was designed to help people who are fighting cancer alone. The non-profit agency creates person matches between fighters and survivors and also seeks to create a support system for caregivers (that is, family members of the fighter).

The founder, Jonny Imerman is a two-time survivor and after his experiences he wanted to give back to those who were fighting.



“I had a great support system of family and friends, but I had nobody who had survived cancer and knew what I was going through,” said Imerman. “After my second time fighting I began going to cancer clinics and mentoring the patients to let them know it was okay, that I understood what they were going through and that they had somebody with them.”

After doing this alone for a few years Imerman realized that there was a widespread need for an organization to do this on a large scale. Imerman Angels has been a full time company for the past seven years and in that time they have registered close to five thousand survivors and 1,500 caregivers.

The staff of eight is comprised of six survivors and two caregivers and all are incredibly passionate about helping fighters gain an understanding support system. They work to spread awareness of the company in three ways: speaking at hospital cancer clinics to ensure the doctors and nurses can refer fighters so they can get an Angel; partnering with organizations such as Livestrong and the American Cancer Society; and media coverage.



The non-profit just moved to 205 W. Randolph and has their call center all set up (you can reach it at ). If you’re looking to help in another way you can either donate directly to the site or buy a t-shirt or a marathon jersey.

We believe strongly in this non-profit, so why are we putting it on MeetAdvisors? Because Imerman Angels wants one thing: awareness. If you or somebody you know is a fighter, survivor or a caregiver please go to the website and join their support system. 



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