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Community Blog / MeetAdvisors with Isac Malmgren, Founder of On Call Properties

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The world of DIY is complex and often dangerous when dealing with a project that encapsulates an entire structure. Entering the world of general contracting is also complex and requires a fine focus to ensure services are well done and exceed expectation.


Isac Malmgren, Founder and President of On Call Properties, Inc. experienced the entrepreneurial process while trying to grow his business. The state of general contracting often lacks a necessary trust factor. Building relationships, and a presence in the market is a crucial service that On Call Properties prides itself on.


While growing his business, Malmgren has found that a common issue is ‘scalability,’ and keeping up with growth is a management issue throughout the entrepreneurial process.


On Call Properties is certified in a number of services, including:


  • Rehab Servives

  • Repair Services

    • Drywall Replacement

    • Electrical Work

    • Demolition

    • Mold Removal

  • Emergency Services

For more, check out MeetAdvisors’ exclusive interview with Isac below, and check out On Call Properties website!



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