MeetAdvisors has some major announcements! As the site grows and evolves, lots of changes are on the horizon and here are the latest two:


1.     MeetAdvisors has launched its community blog! We’re excited about this, because this is where the MeetAdvisors community can come together, share ideas and offer advice to all. We don’t have any specific requirements for blog post for length or topics (just keep it relevant and classy—this isn’t your personal dating blog!). Feel free to share a funny business anecdote, a meaningful life lesson or career advice—the platform is designed to express yourself!


2.     MeetAdvisors is now among the top 50,000 visited websites in the US, according to!  As of January 16, MeetAdvisors came in at number 47,827. It may be a big, ole random number, but it’s exciting to make a dent in the vast Internet solar system, considering there are as many websites as stars in the sky. But, it’s not about the number; it’s about bringing MeetAdvisors’ mission to fruition (hey, that rhymes!), which is connecting those with entrepreneurial expertise to those looking for business advice. The new ranking is just another bit of encouragement, because there’s still much, much more to do!

Excited as we are about these milestones? We’ll keep you updated! Follow us on Twitter (@MeetAdvisors) and “Like” us on Facebook to keep the conversation going!


Posted by Adam Fridman
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