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Mashup Monday: Mobile Apps to Business Solutions

Mashup Monday: Mobile Apps to Business Solutions



From mobile apps to consulting, these companies all have something special about the way they do business. They are constantly changing and improving their ways in order to make sure they do what’s best for your business. Here are 10 more companies we will be keeping our eye on!

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1. Absolute Computer Solutions 266

Absolute Computer Solutions

Absolute Computer Solutions is a full service IT consulting and outsourcing company who serves the Philadelphia-Metro area and beyond. Their team is dedicated to providing quality IT services to all types of businesses. Not only do they succeed in becoming your partner, but they also want to be a “friend in the business.”


2. Muse 236


Are you tired of seeing the same old background every time you unlock your mobile device? If so, Muse can help! Muse gives users the opportunity to see a different work of art every time you access your phone. Masterpieces from the most talented artists automatically appear directly on your lock screen. With over 100,000 paintings and growing, you can also build your own private gallery and share it via other social media sites as well.


3. Skemaz 23


Skemaz delivers 100% free SaaS for online Retail Product Performance Reporting to manufacturers of consumer packaged goods. The App runs on all modern mobile devices and their social marketplace provides merchandising organisations with a ‘workforce on-demand’. With merchandising staff using their own smartphones and tablets, not only are they more productive using their own familiar devices, but it also allows merchandising companies to adopt a BYOD strategy that reduces their operating costs



4. SPEX 23


SPEX, a property inspection platform, makes it easy to inspect and document insurance-claim-related inspections on iPads. Their mobile app is built for insurance claim inspections and is a robust database that provides easy scoping. Whether it’s minor or major damage, SPEX makes it easy to create and share professional inspection reports.


5. Find & Form 11

Find & Form

Find & Form helps clients with insightful thinking, intelligent design, and innovative technology. Their dedicated team builds apps that are tastefully functional and function tastefully. Their thoughtful design, sustainable technology, and proven process gives business leaders a reason to partner with them.


6. Pushh 4


Pushh is a free iPhone app that helps keep track of fitness selfies. In order to keep track of your fitness goals and physical progress, Pushh allows you to make sure you’re taking photos from the same angle ever time by showing gridlines or toggling on your last photo as a transparent overlay. This way, all your new photos will match your older ones. You can also log body measurements to go along with your before-and-after photos.


7. Neal Analytics 3

Neal Analytics

Neal Analytics is a consulting services company that focuses on business intelligence, advanced analytics, and big data. Their team helps companies turn data into a valuable asset and a competitive advantage by giving them the opportunity to understand past performance or predict the future. Their expert analysts and data scientists work with you to find the untapped value that’s hidden in the data inside and outside of your business.


8. RockStar Business Solutions, LLC 1

RockStar Business Solutions, LLC

RockStar Business Solutions, LLC is a full-service vendor management firm that was formed specifically to help technology-dependent small to mid-sized businesses. By leveraging their partners, RBS will save you time and money by managing all your technology and business needs. Whether you’re starting a brand new business or looking to expand, RBS is just right for you!


9. Room 0


Room allows users to make stress-free video calls and screen sharing from their browser without downloading any software or signing up. The process is easy! Simply start the video call, share the link with the people you’d like to chat with, and start your conversation. This makes group calling even easier than before. Room is also available for iOS and Android devices.


10. Flywheel 0


Flywheel makes hailing, tracking, and paying for a cab easier than ever. Flywheel works with fully licensed and insured fleets to bring you experienced drivers who know their way around San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles. No more waiting in the rain forever, no more surge pricing, and no more hassle. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices.


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