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Magical marketing grants all your social media wishes

Social media has just recently started to gain recognition for its powerful marketing capabilities. Until recently the idea of leveraging Facebook and Twitter accounts for gain was scoffed at and hiring a social media company to handle your brand was unheard of.

Only now are we really realizing how important it is to stay on top of these social trends and how little “non-experts” understand about the field. I sat down with the Gossip Genie herself, Jacqui Liberman, and she gave me a crash course on why social media companies like hers don’t just matter; they can make or break a business.

Why did you start Gossip Genie?

I started my company in 2010. Before that I was working at an advertising agency and began to realize that social media was the future of marketing. Facebook had just changed around that time to add business pages, LinkedIn was starting to get big and people were beginning to realize the influence of Twitter.

I left my job and worked as a freelance social media manager for the business connections I had made and sort of went from there.



How did you decide on Gossip Genie?

Our tagline is “fulfill your marketing wishes,” so I knew I wanted “Genie” in the title because our company grants wishes. I decided on "Gossip" because I wanted to give the word some positive light. Social media is about communicating with people, so a lighthearted nod to gossiping and the alliteration sealed the deal for me.

How has business been since you first began?

I started my business with one very loyal client—an infertility consultant. Now we have 20 clients and four full-time employees.

We just moved into an office last year and my team loves not having to work out of my living room! We have secured a few major clients, like Pinkberry Chicago, Kernel Popcorn Seasonings and TDS Telecom.

We also just hired a very talented community manager and I think with the new addition we’re really going to begin rapidly expanding.


 Alfie, the Gossip Genie mascot 

What have you learned since starting your own business?

After going through the trials and tribulations of hiring I learned that it’s vital to have the right people. I always try to put myself in the shoes of the people who work with me. I want to make Gossip Genie the best company any of them have ever worked for.

I’ve also learned to maintain consistency when it comes to social media; to be very proactive when communicating but also, and more importantly, to be reactive to people talking to their brands. If you’re not going to engage with your customers, what’s the point?

What’s next for Gossip Genie?

We’re always looking for exposure and more clients, so hire us or write about us!



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