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I’m an excellent gift giver. I’m not exaggerating: I understand my friends, their interests and their emotional investments, which allows me to pick up well thought-out, useful items when it’s time for special occasions.

I can gift well in almost all areas: birthdays, graduations, holidays and miscellaneous “just because” events. There is only one area that I have not yet mastered: baby showers. I have no idea. Yes, I love babies (seriously who doesn’t?) but I don’t know a thing about them except that they’re adorable. Beyond that, I don’t know the difference between a nappy and a knapsack.

Fortunately, Candice Richards realized this is a prevalent problem after giving birth to her first child last year, and swooped in to save the day for hapless friends and overwhelmed new mothers all at once.

Lulibox is the perfect gift for a brand new mom. I talked to Richards and she told me how her home-office operation is making the first week of parenthood much easier to navigate for new families all over the country.



What is the Lulibox?

It’s a survival kit for your first week with your baby. It’s similar to a Birchbox in that it gives samples that you can try and then purchase if you like it, but the Lulibox only comes once and it’s for the first seven days. Most of the things won’t even fit the baby after the first week because they grow so fast.

There are 14 essentials for the baby, ranging from crèmes to onesies and terry socks to baby wash and diaper wipes. We also put in gifts for the mother to help her feel a little back to normal and to feel like a woman, whether it be a massage voucher or a boot camp class or skin crème.

Why did you start Lulibox?

I started it in May 2012, although the official launch was in December, right before Christmas. I was inspired to do it because I was pregnant with my first child and my husband and I spent an obscene amount of money on so many things we didn’t need and didn’t like because we were in over our heads and new to the baby scene.

When our first child was born it was a very overwhelming stage and if I had known then what I know now I would have spent half the money I did and relax twice as much as I did.

I started this to help women who are in that position now—you don’t need to be clueless and scared. Lulibox isn’t about the frilly ribbons and the expensive rattles; it’s about the simple basics that every baby needs.



What’s next for Lulibox?

We’re in negotiations to get into stores now, but this is still an at-home operation. I don’t have a warehouse—my husband and I package these orders and send them out as they come.

We’re hoping to get some store displays in the next few months. We’re also working on second and third generation boxes for different stages of baby growth, but before we do any of that we really want to perfect our first-generation product.

What advice do you have for expectant or new mothers?

Don’t be scared! Keep it cool, keep it simple, and keep it minimal. You don’t need all the trendy, crazy expensive baby products—what’s important is the basic essentials and the support system you have around you.

Don’t freak out; just be at peace. It will be okay, I promise!

What do you hope to get from your article being shared with the MeetAdvisors community?

Exposure is definitely always nice, and I strongly urge everyone to get a Lulibox for the expectant mommies in their life, but I really just want to help people make the transition into parenthood as smoothly as possible.

Lulibox is the first week: simplified. We just want to help spread the simplicity.



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