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Software solutions specially oriented for Business and Commerce sector are the main driving force behind the efficient working of any enterprise or a company. How often we notice, top companies falter when they struggle to induce efficient software solutions. In the modern day business environment, Business Intelligence Tools and Software are indispensable for any company's efficacy. We present you a list of 10 such prolific companies, that are specialized in providing business intelligence software and tools, and are helping out business corporations around the world.

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1. AltSource 0

AltSource is a fully cross-functional, driven software development team focused on delivering custom applications of exceptional quality across any enterprise. They combine proficiency in creating software with the vision of innovative business leaders, working together to craft something new and of lasting value. Over the years, they have had great success demonstrating that software built from scratch, quickly and iteratively, with only the features needed, can enable companies in surprising ways.

2. Solver USA 0

Solver is a proud leader in delivering innovative, business driven solutions to the market place that leverage Microsoft’s BI and PM technology platform. Solver is the leading provider of complete BI solutions for today’s mid-market enterprise and the company is at the forefront of Business Intelligence (BI) technology for cloud and on-premise ERPs. Solver’s BI360 solution is a powerful and intuitive suite of modules for reporting, consolidations, budgeting, dashboards, and data warehousing. BI360 gives the entire organization the ability to truly understand their data, make better decisions, and ultimately drive efficiency and performance in their business.

3. Substantial 0

Substantial is a company built around a core idea: by pairing you with a passionately obsessed team of creative technologists, strategists, and designers, together they will create digital product experiences that matter to real people and  produce real results for businesses – from small startups to world–class brands. Their approach is unique. They will ask you questions other agencies won’t. They will ask you to think about strategy, design, development, and your customers in ways other agencies don’t. They will collaborate with you on a daily basis in ways other agencies can’t. And they will do it all so they can deliver results you won’t find anywhere else.

4. Platys Group 0

Platys Group provide cost effective and innovative software solutions and services for corporate and organizations round the world. Platys empowers customers to improve return on information technology investments to outsmart and outsell competition. They are a leading full service provider offering services that range from outsourced application development, managed services and professional services. They provide insight and value to our customers by leveraging knowledge, proven methodologies, global talent, innovation and continued focus on R&D. Moreover, Platys Group is a leading provider of end-to-end IT services and business process solutions for global companies. Built upon strong corporate values and culture, and powered by a global workforce, Platys Group is committed to creating long-term strategic partnerships that create value beyond our clients’ expectations.

5. InfiniEdge Software 0

InfiniEDGE Software offers companies tailored software solutions that have proven time and time again to push clients above competition, reduce expenses and save valuable time. Their services range from Custom Software Development, Web & Intranet Development, Mobile Application Development, Hardware Support and Search Engine Optimization. InfiniEdge also offers a support plan, which includes user training by their skilled technicians who can help employees master their new software.

6. Faye BSG 0

Faye Business Systems Group (FayeBSG) is a company dealing in business software implementations all over the world. Rather than just provide installation, configuration, and training of typical CRM, accounting, and ERP software, FayeBSG takes a holistic approach and uses their award-winning integrations to help their clients achieve the maximum ROI for any software being implemented.

7. Edulence 0

Edulence is a company of talented and driven individuals, passionate about delivering digital knowledge to professionals and building the coolest online tools to do it. They believe every thought leader, knowledge expert, professional trainer and coaching guru should have the ability to easily digitize their ideas and deliver them online to educate and inspire. Their two main software solutions – Knowledge link for writers, speakers, coaches, consultants and trainers who want to build an interactive knowledge community around their audience. Build online courses, engage groups of users uniquely and sell content in several different ways. Eyeblink for content publishers, associations and affiliate networks who want to distribute their exclusive content to a wide network of member websites. Provide branded website models, publish digital media content and control how it is used and consumed.

8. Breakthrough Technologies 0

Founded in 1998 by three Chicago-based senior software engineers, Breakthrough Technologies, LLC serves clients by creating innovative web, mobile and software solutions for complex problems. To visualize, develop and implement a client’s software solution, Breakthrough begins with a comprehensive discovery phase where they systematically identify the needs of your organization, your end users, and the best tactics and technologies to employ that fit your budget. They encourage client participation throughout the entire project - beginning with the discovery phase. 

9. Atomic Object 0

Atomic Object is a company that designs and develops applications for web, mobile, desktop, and embedded systems. They provide maintainence, design, development, planning and deployment services through software applications. Their applications have a distinction to run over a variety of platforms and firmware. 

10. TIBCO Software 0

TIBCO Sofware is a firm that excels in meeting modern day challenges such as explosion of data and the demands of digital consumers. The increasing volume, variety, and velocity of information is overwhelming traditional IT systems, while today's always-on customers are demanding personalized, real-time services through the channel of their choice. Their flagship TIBCO platform boast of its ability to seek, understand, and respond to real-time events. This provides comprehensive visibility into trends and opportunities, as well as the intelligence and agility to recognize and instantly react to key events – capturing opportunities and averting risks within ever-shortening time frames.

Know of any companies we forgot? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!

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