It’s hard to describe the pure joy that comes out of trash talking your buddies when you’re watching your alma maters battle to extinction on the field.  But it’s harder to trash talk your buddies when you aren’t watching the game together.  So where can we enjoy sports in a social way, with our entire community of friends, right on our phones?  Introducing, Lock…now you can take all your sports fan friends with you, anywhere, anytime, any game!

Vlad Moldavskiy from speaks with Founder of Lock, Todd Heyden

Lock is an app that puts fantasy sports on your phone.  Think part Fantasy Football, part Tinder, part instant messaging, and a whole lot of fun.  This Chicago startup was founded when diehard-sports fan Todd Heyden and his two college buddies wanted to enjoy sports with their friends, with just a little less intensity than doing the whole fantasy sport ordeal, and just a little more convenience.  It’s Fantasy-Lite.  Lock is a mobile app for simple, binary challenges.  You can connect with friends (like Instagram), challenge buddies (Huskies vs. Terrapins – our money is on Maryland), wear your fandom proudly, and talk some serious trash.



Heyden grew up playing fantasy sports with his friends, who are all self-identified “huge sports guys.”   But they noticed that while 33 million Americans play fantasy, 190 million American sports fans don’t get involved in fantasy.  Heyden saw an opportunity for business – maybe more people would enjoy the fantasy sports base if there were a “lightweight” version; simpler and less of a time commitment than fantasy leagues often require.  And for a generation that lives on their phones, it seemed silly that there wasn’t an app to enjoy sports on the go.  So they said, “Screw it, we’re tired of waiting” and decided to create it themselves. “We took it upon ourselves to create the coolest real time sports app that the sports base has ever seen,” he says.



Right now, Lock is starting out simple.  The app has five sports currently (NFL, MLB, NBA, college football and college basketball), selected after extensive research, discovering what fantasy sports fans most enjoy playing.  But Heyden says this is merely the jumping off point.  Lock aspires to include all sports – golf, martial arts, cricket, just to name a few – as well as expanding beyond America to international sports.  But for now, they’re focusing on perfecting the quality of the Lockexperience.  “Building a great brand is very important to us.”

Talking smack just got so much easier.

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