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Is it just us or are we living with The Jetsons?

Wow there are a lot of amazing tech companies out there creating things that we can not wait to try! The world is quickly becoming a tech centric place, and these companies are helping. Tech is the future and these guys have created some awesome innovations that a few years ago we were only dreaming about!

Be sure to vote for your favorite startup so they can make it to the top! 

1. HearNotes 204

HearNotes is working to get rid of all the wires for your headphones! What is worse than being attached to cords while you are running? Or spending twenty minutes untangling your headphones? The answer is… nothing. HearNotes has created an amazing pair of headphones that are not only cordless to your device, but also between earbuds. On top of it all, they happen to have amazing sound quality and a great intro video! Be sure to check them out if you don’t want to waste any more of your life untangling headphones. 

2. Globe Hop 187

We are pretty sure that looking like a tourist is the worst. We also know that local food is much better than those tourist traps. What we don’t know is how to avoid these two things. Luckily, Globe Hop does! Globe Hop is a digital platform that connects travelers with locals, so that they can get the most authentic experience possible. You can explore culture, speak to a local expert, and check out other people’s experiences with this awesome app. 

3. Bluesmart 95

Bluesmart is the first smart luggage. They allow you to lock weigh and track your luggage all on your smartphone, for easier travel! Imagine not having to guess and hope that your luggage is less than fifty pound, but knowing that it is. That moment of panic at baggage claim when you’re sure they lost your luggage? Never again with Bluesmart. This bag will make traveling easy, by linking your bag to your device. It takes the guessing out of travel, so that all you have to worry about is if your flight is on time. 

On top of it all… This bag charges your phone. We all know what that means, no more searching for an outlet at the airport. SUCCESS!

4. Tile 14

Tile is a product that helps you find anything and everything you could possibly lose. From your keys to your wallet to your passport, Tile will help you find it. I know a few people who will be getting this from me as a gift… Imagine never having to frantically search for your keys again… We can hardly imagine what we are going to do with all of our spare time.

You simply attach the little tile to the item that you can’t afford to lose, and it syncs to your mobile device. The app can hold up to 8 tiles, so you could attach this to everything you could think to lose. 

5. Brainly 12

Brainly is an education platform, which helps you answer your homework questions. We wish we had something like this when we were in school! Uhh this could have come in handy with that geometry homework… Brainly has over 30 million users worldwide, and say that 80% of questions get answered within 10 minutes.

The questions are separated by subject, and you can vote whether the answer was helpful or not. Students can help other users correctly answer their questions, while teaching them how. 

6. byHeart 5

byHeart is an app, that will work with the Apple Watch, to determine what you thought was the most exciting part of a movie, based on your heart rate. These days, heart rate monitors are everywhere, but now thanks to byHeart we can use them to make movies more fun and interactive! 


There is some loud buzz around 3D printing. From toys to health equipment to tech, 3D printing is the future. NVBOTS has created a 3D printer that is easy to use, share, and manage. I am over here thinking there is no way I would know how to use a 3D printer, but NVBOTS goal is to allow students and teachers to use their product, by making it easy to use. Often times, early adopters of technology are those who know how to use it, or can easily find out. NVBOTS is working so that students have the capability to use their printer. Their NVPrinter is the worlds first fully-automated 3D printer, run on a cloud.

8. Bond 1

Bond is an app working to connect you with the people in your life. Always forget to call your dad on his birthday? Can’t remember to text your friend to grab coffee once a month? Bond is the app for you! All you have to do is choose the form of communication, the person, and how often you want to be reminded the contact them! It is super easy and can save you a ton of headache. We all have a thousand things to remember, and now remembering to call someone isn’t one of them. 

9. Pristine 1

Pristine is working to integrate Google Glass into the work place, particularly for healthcare workers, teachers, and field technicians. Never again will you have to say, “Hey can you come here and check this!” Pristine is working closely with the healthcare field, so that early responders can consult doctors, students can experience operations through the eyes of a surgeon, and rural healthcare workers can communicate easily with specialists!

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