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From Technology to Cookies, 7 Companies that Shine

From Technology to Cookies, 7 Companies that Shine



Here at MeetAdvisors, we’ve recently had the opportunity to catch up with these companies who are doing what they do best: improving things.  They’re shining bright, but here are 7 companies we’ll be keeping our eye on!

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1. Piston 44


Piston enables agile development teams to quickly deploy scalable, secure, production-ready private cloud environments on commodity converged hardware. Piston CloudOS is a multi-server operating system that delivers elastic and highly-available resources to support new application development. Piston OpenStack is the industry's first curated OpenStack product with enterprise support. Together, they deliver the fastest path for agile development teams to deploy OpenStack in a hands-free fault-tolerant web-scale environment.


2. Doughbies 33


Doughbies delivers freshly baked cookies in 20 minutes or less.  All of their cookies are handmade in small batches by local, caring bakers, with the highest quality ingredients.  Simply order online, choose how many you would like, wait just 20 minutes, and then enjoy your freshly baked cookies!

3. Live Very Well 21

Live Very Well

Live Very Well helps people find dental insurance plans that offer the coverage you need at the price you want.  They instantly compare plans from the nation’s most trusted dental carriers to find the best choices for you; it only takes a few minutes to answer a few questions.  They realize that the most important part about this is you, which is why they are available both online and over the phone to answer any and all questions you may have.


4. Gizmogul 12


Have you ever had an accident where your electronic device was completely destroyed or unusable?  Gizmogul is working to change the way you recycle both your non-working and working electronics that you no longer use.  Simply enter in your product information, get a quote, and mail it back.  Not only will they pay you for both working and not working products, they also recycle your products.  Originally founded out of recycling scrap metal from dental offices, Gizmogul realized there was a need for a recycling program for electronics; ever since, they’ve been helping reduce waste.


5. DrumPants 11


DrumPants manufactures wearable controllers.  Simply attach and remove the kit from any type of clothing to express yourself, listen to music anywhere, and control apps, games, music, and more.  The Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 works with all MIDI or OSC apps as well.  The DrumPants Pro version works with over 300 Apple store apps alone!


6. Apptopia 4


Apptopia lets you track and analyze all of your apps in one place with their innovative dashboard app.  Their job is to stop people fro guessing what apps to build, how to monetize them, or what to price them at.  Using data helps you make more informed decisions; because of this, they make this data available to as many people as possible.  Their mission is to provide the most actionable app store data.


7. Ditto 3


Ditto is the leading provider of photo analytics for consumer brands.  Their proprietary image recognition technology enables brand managers, social media marketing executives, and agencies discover how their products and brands are used across the social web.  The Ditto team can transform any photo into an opportunity for engagement by adding links to content, communities of interest, or commerce.  Ditto, visual search for social.


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