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You may recall a recent article I wrote in which I confessed that as a telecommuter, my eating habits were not very classy. MeetAdvisors recently moved into a new office so I had to get my act together (walking around with a jar of peanut butter and a spoon does not a good impression make), but I found myself faced with a whole new set of problems: what do I wear every day, now that sweatpants are no longer acceptable?

Fortunately for me, I met the founders of CakeStyle, a rapidly expanding e-commerce fashion startup, and they clued me in to my new favorite service.



CakeStyle works like this: fill out a profile online, input your measurements and get paired up with a personal stylist. You’ll receive a box every season that is full of quality clothes and accessories by high-end designers along with a video explaining every possible outfit combination. You can take 10 days to try everything on and keep what you like.

Millie Tadewaldt and Cecelia Myers thought up the idea when they both worked at Sandbox Industries, a venture capital firm and startup foundry. Juggling a demanding full-time job and a stylish up-to-date wardrobe is more difficult that it sounds so they launched CakeStyle in late 2011.

It was an amazing success—the concept resonates with women who love clothes but are too busy to spend hours going from store to store, trying on, buying and returning clothes.



The price points are a bit high, but it’s a great investment in closet staples. The business is centered on fashion, but don’t be fooled—CakeStyle is a startup focused on building smart technology to create innovative algorithms designed to create the optimal experience for clients.

The women make a perfect team: Myers considers herself a fashionista and loves working closely with designers like Diane von Furstenberg and Elie Tahari while counterpart Tadewaldt refers to herself as the “customer advocate and resident techie," and oversees the technical aspects of the company.



As this stylish tech company continues to grow there are talks of a pop-up boutique and a shoe division (!!) and with the future looking bright, CakeStyle promises to continue making high fashion... well, a piece of cake.


Posted by Gabrielle Belavsky
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