It can sometimes be difficult to imagine ever finding your dream job, especially with the job search wearing away at many unemployed workers in the face of the recession. One startup called Company Connector is making sure those in search of work are paired up with the companies that fit best for them, and hopes to empower job seekers with the capability of finding a job they will truly love.

Not only does the service match job seekers with ideal employers, but they can also anonymously find out what it’s like to work at the company directly from employees, getting the inside scoop on everything from company culture to information that might help them prepare for an interview.

Company Connector founder and CEO Joseph Bubman sat down with us to discuss his growing platform helping applicants find the right company for them.

What was the inspiration for creating Company Connector?

Part of it is this kind of innate curiosity that I think a lot of people have about companies. “Would I be a good fit working at this company vs this company?”

There are so many employers. Even if you decide what industry you wanted to work in, picking a company is tough. In some ways I think people get frustrated with the inability to figure out before they start working at a place whether they’d be a good fit. We’ve really been inspired to help people address that challenge.

Employers spend a whole ton of money on turnover. The cost of turnover is roughly half an employee’s annual salary.

If you happen to know someone at a company, you can reach out to them at LinkedIn, for example, if their profile is prominent and publicly displayed, but they may have concerns about telling you some not so great things about an employer.

We enable you to send messages anonymously with anyone at any company to find out what it’s like to work there.

When did you realize that entrepreneurship was right for you?

In the shower one day. No, to be honest, the initial idea was there’s this site called that I had used several years ago. It was a site that matches voters with political candidates to vote for.

It asks you to share your policy preferences and then it says you should vote for Obama or you should vote for Romney or Hillary Clinton. That inspired me to come up with a platform for the job search. It was late 2007 and I had just moved into the post graduate school search for employment. I kept wishing that something would ask me what employer I wanted.

What is the most interesting job you've ever had?

In Boston I was Pedicab driver. They function as sort of a taxi service in a way -- you pedal people around the city. I did that for a couple of summers, and kind of in the Fall and Spring.

It was probably the best job I ever had because you’re outside, you’re getting a great workout, having a good time charming the people sitting in the back of the Pedicab. You climb up hills and speed down declines, sharing your knowledge about the city.

It was just a great experience; you’re always meeting interesting people. It’s an open fare system, so people pay what they think the ride is worth.

What it taught me is that people are willing to pay a good amount of money if they feel like they’re getting a good service in return. People are kind of fed up with taxis and people want to pay more for alternative services.

People would love being in the back of the Pedicab in the open air, talking with a knowledgeable driver. I learned they’d pay a lot more than they’d pay for a comparable taxi ride, or more than they thought they would when they got in.

What’s in your fridge right now?

I’m embarrassed to admit that the only food item I own that’s in my fridge is almond milk. Until two weeks ago I hadn’t cooked in two and a half years.

One of my New Year’s resolutions it to cook and prepare my own food at least once a week, so I’m working on that.

What is the worst movie you’ve ever seen?

I’m trying to think of the name of it. It starts with a D. What is that one with Matt Damon? It’s so bad I can’t even remember the name.*

How about The Avengers -- not the new one but the one from 15 years ago. We can go with that.

What does 2013 have in store for Company Connector?

We are launching a new version of our site by the end of the month. We’re adding some new features, including job postings for employers that people are matched with. Once they’re matched to an employer they can easily match with job postings from those companies.

We’re looking for some seed capital to really ramp up our development efforts. We’re currently just trying to continue to add to our growing database of insider information about companies around the world.

*In a follow-up email Bubman remembered that the Matt Damon movie was Dogma.

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