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E-Learner's Delight!

With the latest trends in e-learning courses and institutions, the scope of getting educated online from anywhere around the world is great. So, is the institutes and firms providing such services. We, present you some really interesting firms which have excelled in providing e-learning courses over the years.

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1. CPE Link 6

CPE Link offers online Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for accounting and finance professionals via live webcasts, and multi-media, mobile friendly on-demand courses. CPE Link instructors are accounting and tax professionals - all experts in their fields with many years of practical experience to share-, enabling a top quality learning experience. Small to medium sized firms have access to  Firm CPE Center and CPE Compliance Manager tools to productively manage their staff CPE training. CPE Link also partners with various state CPA societies and CPA firm networks to enable such organizations offer better member services and increase loyalty via CPE programs.

2. FutureBuck 1

FutureBuck is a comprehensive, web-based financial literacy course designed for 18-24 year-old young adults. From the young adults' first credit experience until their retirement, FutureBuck teaches in 10 modules the essentials of financial, credit and debt management through a series of fun, short 3-5 minute interactive segments. Each module is segmented to highlight important financial, credit and debt management topics. Financial Education of America (FEA), LLC is a limited liability company formed by a Chicago-based financial writer and a successful local business owner. The company's mission is to increase the financial literacy in young adults.


3. Gooru 1

Gooru is building an open and collaborative online community that can transform the way K-12 teachers help students reach their full potential. Gooru provides a free personalized learning solution that enables teachers to create, curate, and share collections of web resources on any K-12 topic. With millions of multimedia resources and quiz questions, Gooru makes it easy to discover topic-relevant and standards-aligned content to address specific students’ needs.


4. Learnbop 1

Learnbob is a simulated one on one experience. Learnbob replicates the experience of being tutored in order to give the individual attention that every student deserves. Learnbop interacts with students as they work on their mathematical problems, guiding them gradually as they discover the answers to each problem. Learnbob has been used by teachers also, proving to deliver results as it tracks progress in real time.


5. ScootPad 0

ScootPad is a highly adaptive and personalized learning tool for students K-8, trusted by more than 170,000 educators in over 36,000 schools. This comprehensive platform is aligned with the Common Core standards and includes the adaptive mastery of Math and ELA. This cloud-based platform is truly multi-faceted featuring: eBooks, instruction, assessments, intervention, behavior, and strong student engagement. ScootPad's highly adaptive learning model moves at each student's individual pace and provides extra practice and scootorials where and when needed. Teachers and parents can easily measure growth by accessing our real-time reports and assessments. ScootPad is accessible 24/7, virtually anywhere, and on any device. 


6. Lrnr 0

Lrnr enables students to learn more, faster and better, at their own pace and in their own individual way. Their mission is to personalize learning for everyone. They are focused on building powerful, practical, cost-effective solutions for personalized learning that can deliver superior results. Lrnr tailors a personalized learning experience for each individual based on their ability, what they know already and what they need to learn. Tightly integrated personalized learning experiences amplify the impact of textbooks, lectures and homework with individual guidance and assessment that keeps students focused and engaged.


7. Cognotion 0

Cognotion, Inc. was founded in 2013. The company's line of business includes designing, developing, and producing prepackaged computer software. Cognotion is developing a suite of learning solutions that are optimized for the unique needs of young adults, especially focusing on the growing issue of unemployment and underemployment both in the United States and abroad.  

8. Coggno 0

Coggno is an online learning content marketplace. Designed to be the first of its kind, it enables learning content to be an asset that can be monetized in ways it never has before. Coggno leverages the power of the Internet to facilitate the acquisition and sale of high quality learning content, enabling organizations and individuals who are seeking to broaden their subject matter knowledge and to teach, evaluate, certify, and verify their membership, employees, students, or perspective employees.  Coggno provides a means to deliver best in breed learning and testing content by harnessing the collective intellectual property of a given knowledge community with outstanding delivery tools. It is a technological breakthrough for the learning world, combining data management and authoring capabilities with e-commerce technologies.


9. SkilledUp 0

SkilledUp is an online course discovery platform built to help shape the future of learning. Their ultimate vision is to transform education as - how its delivered, how much it costs, and how quickly it helps you get to a career you love. Because their dedicated team believes that online courses can help make you more valuable in the workforce and give you knowledge that will propel you further personally and professionally, they believe online education is something that’s transformative in nature.


10. CourseWorld 0

Course World is a free online liberal arts education. Course World is dedicated to providing a world-class education to everyone. With over 20,000 videos in 700 categories, everyone can find something to learn about. Although these same videos may be found on YouTube, it would be much more time consuming, whereas on Course World students can browse through different categories.  Most impressive of all is that Course World is completely run by volunteers, students and teachers alike.


Know any other companies we should have included? Let us know in the comments below and we'll consider it for our next list!

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