Community Blog / Do You Really Want Help? Or is it all just Lip Service?

There's nothing wrong with asking for help. Even the proudest people recognize that they sometimes need the assistance of an expert in another field to help them succeed.
Then you have the masses who stubbornly refuse to ask for help.
There are many times when I know I can do something myself, and there is always a great feeling of accomplishment when whatever task I was working on works.
However, after completing the task, I often can determine the value of our most precious commodity.
No matter your station in life, we all have the same limitations of time to abide or prosper by. Smart and successful entrepreneurs know this and make smart decisions on having experts perform their services in which they have built a career doing.
Perhaps because I understand and accept this fact of life is the reason I often get so frustrated by those who don't understand it. 
Take search and social media as examples. These are areas I excel in and have a proven track record of success in, yet just about every entrepreneur I run into thinks they can participate and be great at being involved in the industry.
I'm sure there is a small sample that could do well. But most don't have the patience or capacity to do the nitty gritty work needed to have a successful social and search effort. It's startling to me to see companies quickly dump thousands of dollars into something as random as billboard advertisements, where nothing can be tracked. But practically anything online can be tracked to measure the ROI.
But there is a reason why smart entrepreneurs recognize what skills they need to learn, and the ones where they need to hire an expert on.
If you read this far, you might be able to see that I am someone that can help businesses grow via online marketing. The question is, are you compelled enough to take action? Or just settle for where you are now?


Posted by Paul Bliss
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