Once a manufacturer produces a product the work is just getting started, manufacturers typically have to work with distributors, installers, fabricators etc. to get their product to the consumer. The process of putting it all together- manufacturing and installing products like countertops, flooring, windows- can be incredibly complex. In 2001, Randy Olejnik founded Cilio Technologies to streamline the chain from supplier to consumer.





With a background in information technology for manufacturing and supply chain, Randy saw an opportunity to use software and cloud technologies to simplify this process. He built the Cilio Partners Portal, a web-based program for building materials order management. "We are a full service sales channel manager," he says.


The program connects the large network of trading partners and customers who order products, focusing on automating the workflow and business process. So compared to other order management systems, Cilio’s specialized focus saves consumers and producers a lot of time. Steve Becker, Vice President of Sales and Marketing says that because of the specific niche Cilio serves, “manufacturers can do their jobs better.” 


So when you use the Cilio Partners Portal, what exactly do you get? Users of the program can capture, update and track ordering information in one place. They can use the program as a storage spaces for important documents. It is a place to communicate across the supply chain, track and standardize order history, and monitor the performance and progress of partners and products. “Our competition does not offer all the services that we do,” says Steve. They even offer incentive programs to reward partners for sales performance. Cilio builds loyalty, establishes strong branding and nurtures relationships. 


Cilio consistently looks for ways to improve the experience of their customers. They continue to innovate and use “cutting edge technology” internally, so manufacturers and retailers can continue to grow their own businesses. At its core Cilio gives you a platform to build, manage and communicate with your network. From idea to installation, Cilio has taken technology and uses it to manage efficiently, save time, grow sales and help people connect.

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