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Talk Bytes Over Bagels with weekly tech podcast

Talk Bytes Over Bagels with weekly tech podcast



Podcasts are some of the most underrated gifts the Internet has given us. Completely overshadowed by Wikipedia and LOLCats, these hidden audio gems are amazing. You can listen to any political or social opinion, comedians, thought leaders and just about any other kind of conversation you can think of.

Recently a podcast revolution has begun bubbling across the nation, and here in Chicago I overheard the new talk of the town: Bytes Over Bagels.

The weekly tech podcast showcases startup leaders in the Chicago community over breakfast every Wednesday, and I was fortunate enough to get to know Dave Seidler, one of the on-air personalities (sadly not over a bagel, although as a side note: poppyseed is my favorite).

What is Bytes Over Bagels? 

Bytes Over Bagels is a Chicago tech morning podcast and radio show that features Chicago tech leaders, VC's, startups and influential people in the Chicago community. We also banter about technology, bagels and coffee!



What was the inspiration?

As an Eight Bit Studios production, Bytes Over Bagels was literally fueled by our passion for technology, startups, bagels and Chicago. We wanted to create a morning show that people in the tech community could enjoy once a week in the morning.

We also wanted to feature local musicians, coffee and bagel companies in Chicago. They help fuel us to get through the days! Maybe most importantly, we wanted to make sure the show was fun, had personality had and asked questions to guests that might not have been asked before.

How has business been doing since you started?

It has been really great. We have seen an increase in our audience over the past 12 weeks of doing the show. We immediately received interest from guests and have been able to book out shows into the summer.

We also were able to get sponsorship from NYC Bagel Deli and Bow Truss Coffee Roasters in addition to Uber and some bigger name sponsors yet to be announced. 



What has your biggest failure been with Bytes Over Bagels?

Forgetting our computer when we interviewed Troy Henikoff at 1871. We had to resort to doing the interview on an iPhone. At the end of the day it all worked out and sounded great, though.

What has your biggest success been?

Simply being able to attract big time guests like everyone we have had on the show.  We’ve had Matt Moog, Shawn Riegsecker, Max Crowley, Seth Kravitz, Troy Henikoff, Phil Tadros, John Tolva, and more.

What about your service is unique that your competitors can't offer? 

Our personalities. There are a lot of companies interviewing successful Chicago leaders, but I like to believe they don't have the personalities that John Ostler, Heather Brown, Brett Mackie and myself have and can bring to each show. I think this separates us drastically.



We are also doing some unique competitions on the show to spotlight and feature startups.

What advice would you give entrepreneurs just starting out?

If you have an idea and want to start something, get an MVP up and running ASAP. We talked about doing the show for about four weeks and were on the verge of not doing it. John Ostler finally just threw up a low budget website and used an iPhone to record Don Bora, our first guest.

Once that first show aired, we were able to easily roll to the next and start getting people interested. We have been doing a show every Wednesday since and continue to improve the site and marketing efforts.

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