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Business by Innovation!

Business by Innovation!



Innovation in business is a foolproof formula for a company's growth and success. Inducing new technology, finding unique ways of selling products and maintaining an X-factor, has always proved to be a winner for every business firm and company. We present you a list of such fine innovative bunch of companies, which have marveled in their respective fields with finesse of ideas and skills.

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1. SaaSMAX 532


SaaSMAX Corp. is the premiere marketplace pro-actively matching business cloud software (SaaS) Vendors with Resellers to drive "Main Street" sales.  SaaSMAX is to IT/Software Distributors what Netflix is to Blockbuster, what is to Barnes & Noble, what iTunes is to Tower Records.  SaaSMAX is filling a large pain point for SaaS Vendors, Resellers and Buyers that no one else is currently doing.  The purpose is to provide technology solution providers (resellers) and other types of trusted advisors with the place to find relevant, trusted, reseller-friendly business cloud software vendors.  SaaSMAX also provides vendors and resellers with business process tools to do business together efficiently, and pro-active channel marketing campaigns to help SaaS vendors meet more resellers.    



2. LEIA 261


LEIA enriches people's lives through interactive holographic experiences. This brings people closer to the people they love and the things they like. Through utilizing the technological holographic breakthrough of HP Labs, LEIA delivers dynamic holographic content on mobile platofrms. Their goal is to develop the hardware nad software base that will bring a window-like 3D experience at the fingerrtips of their customers, which gives students new ways to visualize, present, and manipulate digital data.

3. TalkLocal 88


TalkLocal is a next generation search engine that connects consumers and service professionals in a way that is convenient and beneficial to both. For the consumer it eliminates the frustration which comes with trying to find a service provider that is a good fit. For the service provider it brings customers at a much higher retention rate than traditional advertising methods.


4. InnerSpace Electronics 13

InnerSpace Electronics

InnerSpace Electronics works with homeowners, architects, builders, and interior designers to provide the best smart home services, technology, and conceptual support. Not only do they know the technology, but they understand the structure of a house and how it’s built to effectively communicate with professionals. They design and sell home theaters, multi-room audio/video, lighting control, home automation, automated window treatments, acoustical design, soundproofing, telephone/intercom systems, and computer networks for their clients.


5. BeON Home 7

BeON Home

BeON Home is a company with the simple vision of solving problems in the home by making the familiar extraordinary. Rather than trying to improve existing security systems, they provide a fresh look and designed an effective deterrence solution that fits seamlessly into your home and your lifestyle. No monthly fees, hence no stress.


6. imgur 4


imgur is the Internet’s visual storytelling community. Millions of people visit Imgur every day to explore, share and discuss the Internet's best images, curating them through votes and comments into a continuously updated stream of the best visual stories the Internet has to offer. It was founded in the year 2009 and is located at San Francisco, California.


7. Sosh 4


Sosh is a members-only site that helps people discover things to do in their local area with the addition of an integrated social network. Sosh is being built by Offline Labs, a stealthy startup founded by former Google and Slide employees. They are on a mission to put the city's most memorable experiences at your fingertips.


8. Refresh 3


Refresh generates social insights about people. It searches the web and social networks to create comprehensive profiles of people you meet, your contacts, your leads, or anybody you search. Refresh insights lay the foundation for better relationships and prepare you to connect with people. It’s all the research you need, but don’t have time to do.


9. Threadflip 3


Threadflip is pioneering a new social shopping experience by offering women a simple way to convert their closets into a dynamic boutique-like experience, connecting buyers with sellers, and capturing the collaborative energy of shopping with friends. The company hopes to revolutionize the world of online shopping by providing a new way to discover, buy, and sell fashion.


10. Diamondere 3


Diamondere was founded by two brothers who graduated from Stanford and Cornell and then decided to offer public access to their family's 125-year legacy of exquisite jewelry design. Their family started out as exclusive designers for celebrities, dignitaries and Royals, specializing in customized jewelry only. Later generations were then groomed in mass-producing fine jewelry for the global audience. Even today, their fathers travel the world to source the best gemstones, anticipate jewelry trends and create world-class designs.


11. TalentBin 3


TalentBin helps recruiters discover and engage top talent by gathering implicit data from 100+ sources across the open-web and leverages Big Data analysis to generate interpreted composite profiles for software engineers. Founded in 2011, TalentBin is headquartered in the Mission district of San Francisco in the historic Hamm’s Brewery Building and has satellite offices in Seattle and Chicago.


Know any others we should have included? Let us know in the comments below and we'll consider it for our next list!

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