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Beyond the Classroom: Educational Apps and Software

Beyond the Classroom: Educational Apps and Software



More and more classrooms are looking to technology to help them improve children’s education experience. These mobile apps and software companies are trying to help teachers take advantage of this technology the most efficient way possible. Some even offer ways for users to teach themselves - without a classroom or teacher.

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1. 2Shoes 19


2Shoes is a way for people to ask questions during presentations and speeches. Instead of an open mic, participants can send in questions via the app, and speakers can read them off their app during the Q and A session. This helps avoid the problems of mic hogs, awkward questions, and shy guests. 

2. Chromatik 3


Chromatik is a sheet music database that helps people trying to learn an instrument. It offers a free library of sheet music, metronome, annotation tools, recording capabilities, and reference videos. This software is available in the iTunes App Store for tablets and mobile devices. 

3. LocoMotive Labs 1

LocoMotive Labs

LocoMotive Labs creates learning games for children with special needs. Created by game designers turned parents, these are fun games that are meant to help children learn independently. The games are meant to be fun to motivate children to learn.

4. Education Everytime 0

Education Everytime

Education Everytime is a time saving program that uses music as a way to not waste time. Students learn songs to sing during transitions during the day to help them stay focused and productive. This adds learning time to the classrooms and helps teachers with classroom management. 

5. MindSnacks 0


MindSnacks is a website that offers “games for your brain.” These games are designed by experts and allow you to test your progress. They offer games in languages such as Spanish, French, and Italian, as well as SAT Vocab and US Geography. 

6. Quick Key 0

Quick Key

Quick Key is a way for teachers to multiple choice tests and quizzes by turning a smartphone into a scanner. Teachers can grade multiple-choice answer sheets almost instantly with the use of this app, helping teachers work more efficiently. 

7. eSpark 0


eSpark is educational software for tablets that is meant to be used by schools. It allows for a student-centered curriculum that collects data and lets teachers know how children are doing. They hope to create a blended classroom built with individualized learning in a teacher/classroom setup.

8. Storypanda 0


Storypanda is an ebook publisher that specializes in interactive children’s books. Authors and artists can more easily publish their material on the app and share it with children all around the world. The interactive experience is meant to better improve the reading experience for children and families. 

9. Ever True Inc. 0

Ever True Inc.

Ever True Inc. is a software that helps people collect and analyze data. It is a “donor intelligence platform” that helps people learn about their donors and hopefully solicit more donations. They work with social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook and they also collaborate with GivingTree Software. The idea is to help organizations collect donations easier. 

10. Show Me 0

Show Me

Show Me is another app that offers an easy way to create and share lesson. The idea is to create a “global learning community” where anyone can create a lesson on anything and everyone can access the information. The app is free and allows people to share millions of lessons across the world.


11. Narrable 0


Narrable uses the technique of storytelling to help children learn. They provide ways for students to speak out loud about what they’re learning and really think about the story they’re being told whether it be math, science, history or literature. 

Know any other education companies we should have included? Let us know in the comments below and we'll consider it for our next list!

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